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Chapter 175.3 - Want To Bring You Home

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 175.3: Want To Bring You Home

    She had probably noticed that she was being seen as an unbelievable monster as she suddenly smiled sheepishly: “Actually, it’s….. not that big a deal. Maybe I was just lucky enough to blindly hit it right on the nail!”

    A corner of Mu Lai’s mouth twitched, but she did not expose the young lady, merely going on to keep the little porcelain bottle carefully away as her gaze grew warm. “I will relay your kindness to my father. Thank you for being so thoughtful.”

    Not to mention just how priceless and rare those elixirs were, the fact that the young lady still remembered that her father’s health had greatly deteriorated, which was never the same again after he got injured, and having her refine these elixirs that nurture one’s core constitution and capable of adding years to one’s lifespan, Mu Lai was greatly moved by the kind gesture.

    “You really don’t want to do together with me? There won’t be much people around in the Faint Mist Sect over the new year. Won’t you be bored staying back here?” Mu Lai still wanted to bring her back with her, the more the merrier it’ll be.

    Qing Yu laughed. “No, I like it quiet.”

    Although Mu Lai felt a tinge of disappointment, but she respected the young lady’s decision. “Alright then, see you next year.”

    The other two girls living in the same house also packed up their things, in preparation for their trip home.

    It was thought that Ming Yi Yi had probably revealed her heart to Ming Jing as they were often seen stuck to each other, seldom coming back to the dorm.

    With Qing Bei’s great gift, he was highly valued by the teachers after being admitted into the Soul Cultivators Department which greatly reduced the number of times he was able to come to look for Qing Yu. He worked very hard in his cultivation training and his soul power had increased by quite a bit.

    So only Qing Yu was left back in the dorm, where she was able to enjoy the peace and tranquility.

    The rascals in the Deviant Department had always been an unruly bunch and besides Feng Tian Hen, only Luo Lan Zhi was able to control those guys.

    But as Luo Lan Zhi had been busy making arrangements for the upcoming friendly competition meet between the Three Great Sects happening after the new year, he was laden with loads of tasks on his hands and naturally did not have time to deal with the rascally bunch. The two famed teachers in the department were always coming and going as they pleased and as the new year was almost right upon them, they were not too strict with the disciples as well, allowing them to roam freely on their own.

    Qing Yu had initially gone to the teachers’ dorms to look for Qing Ye Li but found his room door tightly shut with two lines of words written with spirit energy over the barrier erected. “Went out on personal business, will return in two weeks.”

    [Where had he gone to? Why did he leave without a word? Could he have….. gone to do something dangerous?]

    She was engrossed in her thoughts when she suddenly bumped her head straight into someone as she was coming out from the place. She snapped back to her senses in shock and when she saw the face of the person, her eyes blinked in surprise. “What are you doing here?”