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Chapter 175.4 - Want To Bring You Home

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 175.4: Want To Bring You Home

    But it was only after she uttered those words that she came to the realization that the guy’s dormitory should be close to this place as well, so it shouldn’t be surprising that he would appear at this place.

    Lou Jun Yao supported her by her shoulders for the young lady to catch her balance, and he then said in a slight chiding tone: “What could you possibly be thinking about that has you so engrossed and walking around blindly in such a daze?”

    “Do you know where Little Ye went?” Qing Yu asked.

    She was thinking that as both of them were teachers, they would probably know a little something about each other’s whereabouts even though they were both here with their own motives.

    Lou Jun Yao read the two lines of words spelled out with spirit energy on the doors before he raised an eyebrow to look at the young lady. “Qing Ye Li left?”

    “Mm. I do not know what that guy is really up to. I fear that he’s going to do something dangerous.” Qing Yu said worriedly, her brows creased up.

    “You worry too much. That fella does not look like he will be easily bullied and even if he comes to meet with any danger, it’s the other party you should be worrying about.” Lou Jun Yao said with a reassuring smile.

    “I hope so.” Qing Yu said with a sigh.

    “There wouldn’t be much people around in the Faint Mist Sect for the next five days. Just bring the kid over with you to the Gathered Cloud Loft as there is nothing for you to do here anyway.” Lou Jun Yao said with his eyebrow raised.

    “Little Bei is in seclusion with his cultivation training and would probably not be coming out.” Qing Bei said in reply.

    “Then just come by yourself.” Lou Jun Yao said with his eyes fixed on her. “You’ve already been in this place for so long, did you manage to find any clues?”

    Qing Yu shook her head with her brows furrowed. “Before I came here to the Faint Mist Sect, I had always felt a strong premonition in my heart, but that feeling has suddenly disappeared now. What would say caused it? Could someone be secretly interfering?”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes then flashed sharply. “Speaking of that, I discovered a strange phenomenon just over the past few days.”


    “For a good four hours everyday, Aunt Lan’s spirit fragments in the Soul Nourishing Orbs would become incredibly clear to see, like they were almost going to come back alive.” Lou Jun Yao said slowly.

    Upon seeing the incredulous look on the young lady’s face, he then flicked his clothes sleeves before a scene came to unfold before them. Several Soul Nourishing Orbs hung quietly, suspended in midair, all of them containing the figure of a woman lying inside, where her incredibly beautiful countenance could be faintly seen, looking highly extraordinary.

    Qing Yu’s eyes widened as she stared. The person that had appeared in her dreams so many countless times, and this was the first time that she was able to see her countenance so clearly, and she was such a flawless beauty.

    The woman was more gentle looking than she remembered, her eyes closed like a fairy in a painting. Even though her eyes were closed, the air the woman exuded was one that seem to draw people to her.

    And Qing Yu had taken a great liking to her with just that very first glance.