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Chapter 176.1 - A Thug Who Blatantly Teases Fair Maidens

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 176.1: A Thug Who Blatantly Teases Fair Maidens

    A smile showed on Qing Yu’s lips subconsciously. “She’s really beautiful.”

    Lou Jun Yao laughed in agreement. “She’s much more than that. Aunt Lan was Cloud Heaven’s greatest beauty back then and her suitors could fill up half of the entire Cloud Heaven!”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu could not help but click her tongue. “Beauty always invites disaster.”

    Lou Jun Yao shook his head and sighed. “You mean to say beauty bring unfortunate fates.”

    Qing Yu’s face changed and a short moment later, she suddenly asked in a soft voice: “Who was it that wanted to eradicate her so badly?”

    She remembered that Lou Jun Yao told her before that her mother’s spirit soul was torn into pieces where even her body was severely wrecked. Just who could be so vicious and venomous to do that?

    Seeing the solemn expression on the young lady’s face, Lou Jun Yao curved his lips up into a smile and said: “When you are capable enough to know, I will tell you everything.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes silently surged for an instant, but she did not probe any further.

    [He is right. Even if he told her now, before she gains absolute power, it would only make her feel so useless and will only add on to her problems.

    Seeing that the young lady was looking rather dejected, Lou Jun Yao reached a hand out to pat her on the head and said comfortingly: “Don’t lose heart. You’re already doing very well.”

    Qing Yu remained quiet for a moment before suddenly looking up expressionlessly at the man. “Can you….. Not touch my head?”

    His nefarious claw still upon her head which had not moved away, the man went on to say seemingly unperturbed as he patted her head reassuringly another time: “Why not?”

    [He still has the cheek to ask why not?]

    The man’s height gave him an unfair advantage as the tall figured Qing Yu merely reached up to his shoulders, so it made it relatively easier for him to sneak in an attack like this.

    She finally came to understand why Little Bei’s face always looked so mournful and indignant whenever she violated the kid’s head. The wheels of fortune truly turns.

    [And…. this guy here should not act like he’s an elder just because he’s lived for a couple of hundred years!]

    It was probably because the fury in the young lady’s eyes were really just too intense, Lou Jun Yao did not continue to tease the young lady. He then opened his mouth to say with a smile: “You want to go stay at the Gathered Cloud Loft for a few days? You can also observe Aunt Lan’s condition closely while you’re there.”

    “Right now?” Qing Yu blinked her eyes in surprise. “But the new year isn’t here yet. Will it be considered as sneaking out without permission?”

    Lou Jun Yao looked helplessly at the young lady before him. “Look around in the Deviant Department. Besides that small little runt who does not command the slightest bit of presence in there, can you even see a shadow of a single person in there?”

    [The small little runt. He must be talking about Xing Tong.]

    Lou Jun Yao did not have a good impression of him. Who asked him to nearly cause Qing Yu to be hurt? Even if he was just a young little kid, Lou Jun Yao still thought it was unforgivable.

    But after hearing Lou Jun Yao say that, Qing Yu realized that she really had not seen any anybody.