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Chapter 176.3 - A Thug Who Blatantly Teases Fair Maidens

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 176.3: A Thug Who Blatantly Teases Fair Maidens

    Lou Jun Yao and Bai Zhi Yan were stunned for a moment, never expecting the young lady to suddenly carry out such an action.

    She was tall and slender, a little taller than Lian Ji, so Lian Ji had to raise her head to look up slightly. The scene was one of a thug blatantly teasing a young fair maiden, and with Lian Ji too shocked to react for a moment, she looked so very pitiful.

    “Lian Er is really heartless. We merely have not met for some time and you have forgotten all about me already. Looks like all those sweet proclamations that you’ll marry no one else but me were just lies.” Upon saying that, the expression on Qing Yu’s face looked highly hurt as she sighed a long sigh.

    Lian Ji was so shocked that her eyes nearly popped out from her head as she stared.

    [This….. This familiar manner of speech, that look of a prodigious wastrel on the exquisitely alluring countenance of this young lady….. Could she possibly be…..]

    “Young Master Qing?” Lian Ji whispered hesitantly.

    As expected, the arc at the corners of the young lady’s lips deepened. “That’s right.”

    “You’re a girl?”

    Lian Ji regained her senses and slapped Qing Yu’s hand away as her beautiful eyes looked the young lady before her with a measuring gaze from head to toe, seemingly trying to ascertain something. Her eyes hovered over the protruding chest area for a second, before she silently accepted that to be a fact.

    It was probably due to the fact that the expression on Lian Ji’s face showed that she was completely stumped for words, Lou Jun Yao’s curiosity was piqued. He raised an eyebrow and then said: “The two of you know each other? And something interesting seems to have happened between you?”

    Qing Yu replied smilingly: “It’s nothing really. I was just too suave and handsome looking when I was dressed as a man back then, making everyone who laid eyes on me can’t help but fall in love, and Lian Er here was immediately smitten at first sight, proclaiming that she would marry no one else but me.”

    Lian Ji remained silent. “…..”

    [She was really starting to suspect whether this person was actually really a man disguised as a girl.]

    [Such a thuggish scoundrel who distorts the truth without even batting an eyelid, how could all this possibly be from a delicate young lady?]

    [And what kind of words did she just use? Smitten at first sight and will marry no one else but her? !]

    [Ptui! That scoundrel had been the despicable and shameless one! Always coming to flirt and tease her, and she had merely played along only because she thought that scoundrel to be a rather interesting character!]

    Hearing that, the interest on Lou Jun Yao’s face intensified, and he looked at Lian Ji with an indiscernible smile. “So that is the type of men that Lian Ji likes?”

    Lian Ji was immediately greatly embarrassed, wishing that she could dig a hole in the ground to hide herself in. The look of the Lord’s face was just too scary and she rushed to stammer haltingly as she tried to explain herself. “No, milord, this is all just a misunderstanding…..”