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Chapter 176.4 - A Thug Who Blatantly Teases Fair Maidens

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 176.4: A Thug Who Blatantly Teases Fair Maidens

    [You must be joking! This person here is the Lord’s benefactor who saved his life! Someone even the higher ups back in the Dark Lands will hold in reverence! Not to mention that she was a woman, even if it was really a man, she wouldn’t dare to harbour any thoughts at all!]

    Lian Ji then turned her pleading gaze towards Bai Zhi Yan.

    She was one of Bai Zhi Yan’s subordinates and Bai Zhi Yan would naturally not leave her to drown without lifting a finger. He laughed out loud and tried to smooth things over. “Alright lass, don’t tease Lian Ji anymore and just allow her to bring you to a room upstairs to get some rest first!”

    “Sure.” Qing Yu said as she nodded with a smile.

    Lian Ji then went on to lead Qing Yu upstairs warily, filled with jitters.

    Waiting till the two of them had left, Lou Jun Yao then kept away the smile on his face. “What is it?”

    Bai Zhi Yan sighed. “We found a location.”

    “Where?” Lou Jun Yao asked.

    “The Barbarian Tribe.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze constricted. “How did she get there?”

    “Her aura was previously detected at the outer perimeter of the Barbarian Tribe’s lands but as it was too overwhelming inside, our men were not able to go in.” Bai Zhi Yan replied.

    Seeing the solemn look on Lou Jun Yao;s face, Bai Zhi Yan then said reassuringly softly: “You need not be so worried about it as the Barbarian Tribe have quite a deep relationship with her, so I do not think they would do anything to her.”

    Lou Jun Yao scoffed disdainfully. “For someone who has died, you think there is still any past sentiments to even speak of?”

    “Didn’t you say he isn’t dead?” Bai Zhi Yan asked with an eyebrow arched up quizzically.

    The expression on Lou Jun Yao’s face grew even more contemptuous. “Even if he’s not dead, to be unable to protect his own woman, he is no different from being dead.”

    A corner of Bai Zhi Yan’s mouth twitched. [You have to use such venomous words? You’re speaking of an Elder here and do you have to make him sound so useless?]

    “What do you intend to do?” Bai Zhi Yan’s eyes glanced meaningfully upstairs. “Were you trying to distract the lass away from here on purpose? Aren’t you going to tell her about this?”

    “Mm. The time is not ripe.” Lou Jun Yao said gravely. “Keep watching the Barbarians and I will make a trip back to Cloud Heaven sometime later.”

    Bai Zhi Yan then said teasingly: “Are you so worried for the little lass? If you want to go back, just go. There is no need to worry about things here as I will be watching closely. I guarantee that no one will dare to bully her.”

    “That is definitely not what I am worried about. It will already be a blessing if she does not bully others.” Lou Jun Yao said indifferently.

    The mischievous look on Bai Zhi Yan’s face intensified. “See the kind of tone you’re using here. Why do I feel that the relationship between you two….. Is becoming more and more intriguing and interesting?”

    But there wasn’t the slightest hint of any mirth on Lou Jun Yao’s face, his mesmerizing violet eyes tinged with a dark glint. “I will not be leaving here for a period. Ling Shu has gone to the White Fen Lands’ Feng Family to investigate into Feng Tian Hen. I feel that this person will grow to become a huge threat in future, and we should grab this chance when he is unable to use his Puppetry Technique now, to have him eradicated as soon as possible!”