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Chapter 177.1 - The Fairy Couple Finally Meets

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     — Cloud Heaven —

    The Barbarian Tribe Main Encampment

    Old Qi was in his own tent fiddling around with an elixir formula that he just got when a flurry of hurried steps was heard before the young girl’s terrified sounding voice reached his ears. “Grandfather! Grandfather! Oh no…..”

    Old Qi snapped his head up and then stared with displeasure at the little girl panting heavily to say: “What’s gotten you so wound up in such a fluster?”

    It was a good while before Ah Yue managed to calm down, her face pale as she said: “Grandfather, I went over to see Sis Fei this morning and saw that there was nobody in the room at all. I looked all over the place but was not able to find her. Do you think somebody found her and took her away?”

    Upon hearing that, Old Qi was shocked for a moment and quickly forgot about his precious elixir formula as he tossed it aside before shooting up from his chair. “You really searched everywhere? Did you search the places she usually goes to?”

    Ah Yue nodded and replied: “I looked everywhere. Now that everyone has woken up, I do not dare to be too obvious snooping around. Otherwise even if Sis Fei was not taken away, I would have exposed her wouldn’t I?”

    Old Qi snorted derisively. “At least you have some smarts.”

    If this was at any other time, Ah Yue would surely have been greatly delighted from the praise but she just could not find any joy inside at that moment. Her tiny adorable face was lined with worry as she asked: “Grandfather, what do we do now?”

    Old Qi stroked his beard and then said: “Wait for a while more. If she does not return after two hours, I’ll then look into it with the Spirit Sight Mirror.”

    The Spirit Sight Mirror was a very important magical artifact in the Barbarian Tribe that allows them to see a location map of the entire Barbarian Tribe, where even a single worm would not be able to escape its prying eyes.

    So if an intruder were to sneak in and managed to get their hands on the Spirit Sight Mirror, that would put the entire Barbarian Tribe in grave danger. As no matter where the tribespeople hid themselves, the Spirit Sight Mirror would be able to uncover them wherever they were. Hence, the Spirit Sight Mirror was of utmost importance to the people in the Barbarian Tribe, where with the exception of the Chieftain and a few senior Elders, no one else was allowed to even touch it. If anyone were to unilaterally come touch the Spirit Sight Mirror, the punishment would be to suffer three days’ worth of whipping.

    And Old Qi happened to be one of the highly respected senior Elders in the Barbarian Tribe and so he had the authourity to activate the use of the Spirit Sight Mirror.

    Ah Yue heaved a slight sigh of relief after hearing that and she said: “In that case Grandfather, I’ll go back and look around again.”

    “Go go.” Old Qi said with a dismissive wave of his hand.


    “Heavens know when will he finally regain consciousness!”

    An old wizened voice reverberated inside the vast hall, followed with a long resigned sigh.

    Upon the ice bed that was emitting a cold icy chill, a man lay quietly on top of it.

    The man was dressed in a luxurious lunar white brocade robe, his body tall and sturdily built, his hands quietly crossed over his abdomen. His skin was exceptionally fair, the icy air from the ice bed coating his body with a layer of frost.