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Chapter 177.2 - The Fairy Couple Finally Meets

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Looking at that face, although it looked unbelievably pale and weak, the flawless beauty of his countenance was one rare to see throughout the world.

    Maybe using the words flawless beauty to describe a man might sound a little girly, but this man was truly prettier looking than the thousands of alluring and seductive women everywhere, but in no way felt effeminate, his beauty balanced just right.

    Even though his eyes were shut and should not be intimidating in anyway, but there was a kind of person who would beside bedazzling you with their flawless looks, make you feel he was far beyond your reach, seemingly high up on a pedestal of divinity, that made people feel an unexplainable fear in their hearts.

    A thin figured middle aged man stood before the ice bed, his wizened looking face tinged with worry as he watched the man who was in a deep sleep. “It has already been an entire hundred years and you should have gotten enough sleep. Are you really intending to never wake up anymore?”

    Two elderly men followed behind him a few steps distant, their faces similarly solemn and the auras they exuded extraordinarily grave and depressed.

    The middle aged man whispered many words under his breath, seemingly helping him recall events that happened in the past. His tone was gentle, hopeful that the man would awaken soon, but the man on the ice bed did not respond to him in anyway.

    After a good while, the middle aged man’s calm demeanour seemed to become highly agitated as he raised a foot up to kick a corner of the ice bed, the ice bed seeming to quiver from the kick.

    His voice almost broke as he shouted: “Get up already! What do you mean by dumping this whole mess onto me? Do you think you do not have to care about anything just by pretending to sleep here? Let me tell you. If you still do not wake up, I will have the whole Barbarian Tribe mourn for you, and then make sure the name of the Barbarian Tribe disappears from the face of the world! Not only that, I will also make the woman who has you bewitched, the one you are head over heels in love with, suffer a fate worse than death itself! Don’t you care for her very much? I will bring her here, and right before your very eyes, I will use all the most cruel methods of torture in existence to torment her, and let you have a taste of suffering and pain you’ll wish you were dead!”

    He had looked so dignified, his demeanour high and mighty just mere moments ago, but he was at that moment like a raving lunatic on the verge of collapse, screaming brokenly his eyes wide and red, a faint mist forming over them.

    The man was the Barbarian Tribe’s Chieftain, a man who looked to be only about forty years old.

    But in reality, he had lived for an entire six hundred years, and he was considered to be an elder who had lived for quite a long life in Cloud Heaven. And the one thing that no one could have possibly ever imagined is that the young handsome looking man on the ice bed was a person that was the same age as the Barbarian Tribe’s Chieftain, and he was in fact several months older.

    As for the reason why the two of them differed so greatly in terms of the age they looked like, it was due to a rule of life in Cloud Heaven, where when one attained a supreme level in their cultivation, the ageing of their countenance would be suspended at that age, never to change in the slightest, no matter how many years pass.