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Chapter 177.3 - The Fairy Couple Finally Meets

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 177.3: The Fairy Couple Finally Meets

    The man on the icy bed had already attained the supreme level at the young tender age of twenty four and hence, even though several hundred years had passed, he was still the same strapping young man he was in his early twenties.

    The two men were the best of friends through life and death and they were so close that they would readily trust each other with their very own lives. They’ve known each other since they were in their twenties and their relationship was still as strong as before, a friendship so rare you might not be able to find throughout Cloud Heaven.

    A few hundred years had passed in just a blink of the eyes and except for several of the Elders, no one else would probably know that their current Chieftain was actually not the true Chieftain of the tribe.

    After their Chieftain disappeared for many years, when he came back, he was already in that vegetative state, lying their for a hundred years and did not come awake. After that happened, the current Chieftain had produced the Blood Jade Ring that was handed down exclusively only to the next successor, to suppress any objections and to assume his position as the new Chieftain.

    Now that so many years have passed, they have all gotten so used to their new Chieftain that the original Chieftain had all been forgotten except for several of the senior Elders. The original Chieftain had always been a carefree and frivolous man, an unconventional Chieftain who did not deal with the tribe’s affairs all that much, a fella who frequently gave all the others in the tribe quite a headache.

    But who could have guessed that on a single trip away from the tribe, he came to meet a woman who would come to change his life completely.

    From someone who seemed like a kid who would never ever grow up, he changed into a dependable and mature man who was able to hold up one half of the Heavens overnight, and it could very well be imagined just how big an effect that woman had on him.

    Though it was a very good thing that the original Chieftain had became so much more matured, but having him now lie motionless like this for over a hundred years here was also all because of that same woman.

    Seeing the middle aged man raving like a lunatic, the two elderly men behind him could not help but sigh in lament. [How fate toys with us mere mortals!]

    No one had noticed that when the middle aged man said that he was going to capture the woman and torture her, the man lying on the icy bed who had remained quiet without showing any response suddenly twitched a finger on his hand, seemingly expressing the rage he felt inside.

    But that happened very quickly and he did not move anymore after that, almost like it had just been an illusion.

    As the middle aged man continued to rant explosively, the expression on his face suddenly froze, and his feisty gaze swung around to stare at the tightly shut door before he shouted in a stern voice: “Who’s out there! ?”

    The two elderly men were stunned for a moment and they immediately saw the middle aged man say in a frighteningly thundering voice with murder on his face. “That isn’t the aura of anyone in our tribe. Who is it that possess the power to sneak all the way into this place? Pursue the intruder and I do not need him alive!”