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Chapter 177.4 - The Fairy Couple Finally Meets

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 177.4: The Fairy Couple Finally Meets

    The moment his voice dropped, several fleeting shadows immediately appeared in the room, and they went on to pass right through the tightly closed doors, like they were merely light formless puffs of smoke.

    The middle aged man then opened the door and went striding out while the two elderly men quickly recollected their senses to follow behind him.

    [The Chieftain’s sensory ability is really terrifying. Someone sneaked their way in and they had not detected it at all. On top of that, what were those ephemeral shadows just now? They looked like they possessed profound and unfathomable powers and it seems like the Chieftain is definitely not ordinary!

    The men had all gone out, their attention drawn away by the intruder. The door was opened and then shut tightly when they left, but after several moments passed, the door suddenly opened once again, and the light patter of feet could be heard.


    The room was really just too big. Even with movements so light, the sound was greatly magnified, to be clearly heard.

    The slender red figure moved slowly, taking one step at a time towards the ice bed.

    Every single step seemed to tread right onto her heart. Qing Lan Fei’s flawlessly beautiful face was one of composed calm, her eyes staring a little vacantly. Her lips then parted slightly: “Was it you….. Were you the one constantly calling out to me?”

    [In her dreams, she would always hear the gentle voice of a man, calling out to her tenderly just beside her ear, saying Fei Er.]

    [Everything in this place was so familiar to her, like she had come here before, but she just doesn’t remember it. The only thing she remembers is the voice that calls out to her heart, constantly guiding her here, to this place, this very person.]

    In the blink of an eye, she was already standing right before the ice bed, her gaze quietly scrutinizing the man’s extremely beautiful countenance. She fell into a daze and before she knew what was happening, she was crouched down by the bed, her hand reaching out to gently caress his face.

    An icy chill shot straight up her fingers reaching into her bones at the moment she touched her skin, a layer of frost forming over her fingertips. Fortunately she pulled her hand back in time and summoned up her spirit energy to melt the frost off her hand, or her entire hand would have frozen stiff.

    It was easy to imagine from here just how cold the temperature was on the ice bed.

    [With the man just lying on it like this, is he ill?]

    [Otherwise, at just a freezing temperature, how could his body possibly withstand it, lying flat upon the bed of ice and not moving an inch?]

    Qing Lan Fei creased up her brows, looking rather exasperated. Her soul was not whole which caused her consciousness to occasionally become as naive and innocent as a child. She stood there staring at the man’s face in a foolish daze, her senses lost for a long while.

    She found that he began to look more and more familiar to her, feeling like he was someone she was extremely close to before.

    Her mind had just recalled that one single thought when her head suddenly felt like countless needles were piercing right into her, the agonizing pain causing her entire body to fall limply to the ground, curled up tightly into a ball as she wailed weakly.