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Chapter 178.1 - First Recollection of Memories

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 178.1: First Recollection of Memories

    Her head ached so badly it felt like it was going to explode. At that moment, a stream of unfamiliar images seemed to surge into her mind, with at the same time also felt like she knew all of them before.

    “Qing Lan Fei? A beauty indeed, and such a nice sounding name, a name one would know belongs to a flawless beauty just by hearing it. I wonder if I may just call you Fei Er from here on?”

    The lips of the man with astoundingly exemplary looks arced up into a handsome and easy smile, his entire person looking just like a ladies man who was always surrounded by countless women, as his smooth manner of coming on to a woman here was seen to be highly skilled.

    The expression on the face of the flawless beauty in a red dress turned slightly indignant, her beautiful eyes sweeping indifferently over the man as she said just two curt words. “Shameless lecher.”

    The man who was used to having women deliver themselves right into his arms had never encountered a situation like this before, to be treated so coldly after he took the initiative to get close to the woman.

    Not to mention what his true identity really was, just his face alone had been enough to attract an innumerable amount of girls to fall head over heels in love with him.

    [But this young woman here had not only rejected his advances, she had even called him….. a lecher?]

    [Heh heh. How interesting.]

    That was the first time they met and it was thought that the encounter would merely be an inconsequential interlude passing fleetingly in their lives, never having ever thought that from then on, an inseverable affinity between them had been sealed into their fates.

    A suave and passionate man, reckless and unrestrained who was able to coax and beguile his way around many different women to make them secretly long for him but never once getting involved with any of them. This was the first time he met a woman who seemed impervious to his charms and that had naturally caused him to grow interested. But what he did not realize was that one’s interest had to be piqued before their hearts could come to be moved and turn into love.

    Having lived for hundreds of years, it was the first time that the unfathomable and mysterious man who holds such a noble and revered identity came to be playing the role of an unshakable shadow, and he was naturally viewed with nothing but contempt, but he just would not leave no matter how hard she tried to chase him away.

    It was said that love will blossom over time and it just could not be more true for these two people.

    Habits can really be such a terrifying thing. Without realizing it, when someone suddenly appears and comes to take up a place in your life, constantly remaining in your sight, their presence seeping right into your bones, impossible to cut the person off.

    Qing Lan Fei’s tightly furrowed brows eased up a little, those beautiful surging memories seeming to soothe her headache. But very soon, the expression on her face changed and the aura surrounding her became agonizingly depressed.

    “Fei Er, I’m sorry. I might….. not be able to accompany you throughout this life.”

    The last time they met, he who always loved to wear pristine white clothes wore grave and solemn black for the first time. Holding her in his embrace, he whispered softly right beside her ear.

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