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Chapter 178.2 - First Recollection of Memories

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 178.2: First Recollection of Memories

    She did not know whether she was mistaken. Although the man was rather thin, but his body was muscular and strong. But the person embracing her right at that moment seemed to have lost a good amount of weight to the extent that his body felt a little frail.

    She did not know what to feel when she heard those words, but she knew that she asked him very calmly: “Why?”

    “I fell in love with someone else.” That was what he answered.

    At that moment, her heart had seem to freeze up, and there was a wincing pain.

    She had always been highly cold and aloof and this was the first time that she had seriously come to love a person. But what she got in the end, were just these few words.

    [In love with someone else?]

    [Ha. He was the one who started it all, and he’s also the one who wants to end it. Just what does he take me for?]

    [After having pampering her so much like she was a dainty and carefree princess, till she was just about to hand her whole heart over to him and she cannot do without him anymore, here he was suddenly saying that he did not love her anymore, and had now fallen in love with someone else?]

    [This must be the biggest joke she has ever heard.]

    She did not shed any tears and even went on to show a smile on her face, a smile just as radiant as before as she said: “Then I must really congratulate you.”

    After saying that, she turned around and left, failing to notice the tears threatening to surge up within the man’s eyes. It was probably because she was overcome with grief that she did not notice how haggard and thin the man’s handsome face had now become.

    She had once said jokingly that if he were to become ugly one day, and was no longer so handsome, she would no longer want him.

    The petty minded man had always remembered those words in his heart, always paying great attention to his looks no matter the circumstances, where he would even use the best kinds of magical medicine to treat the slightest scratch, refusing to allow the slightest mark to blemish his looks.

    When had he ever allowed himself to look so slovenly and disheveled.

    The man watched with red rimmed eyes at her back that was becoming smaller as she walked off into the distance. But very soon, the expression on his face turned sharp and angry with rage. “You lied to me!”

    The blue skies that looked like they had been newly washed suddenly turned red like it was stained by blood and right in the middle between the two people, a humongous six pointed star pentagram array suddenly appeared, as a ghastly and terrifying blood red skeleton stood in the middle of it.

    The woman who had just walked a few steps away suddenly halted her footsteps and stared at the pentagram array right before her feet. Before she could even react, a sinister aura engulfed her as a grisly skeletal figure flew straight towards her.

    “Fei Er~”

    The woman found herself being brutally pushed down to the ground, pain shooting through her back as she slid over the ground. Before she could even speak, she heard the man lying on top of her give a stifled grunt, before a trickle of blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth.