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Chapter 178.3 - First Recollection of Memories

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     The woman’s eyes flared wide as she cried out softly: “You’re hurt!”

    The man wiped away the blood from the corner of his lips with his hand and helped her up from the ground as he said in a soft voice: “Don’t worry. I am fine.”

    The woman glared fiercely at him. “Didn’t you say that you do not love me anymore? Then why bother about me? Wouldn’t it be better if I am dead and which will bring an end to all your troubles?”

    Hearing her say such spiteful words, the man could not help but laugh softly. “Look at what you are saying here. You sound as if you will not be able to live without me. Do you really love me so much?”

    In the past, he had always been the one pursuing her, pestering her, forever whispering all kinds of sweet and loving tender words.

    It was possible that she did not really love him all that much.

    That was good in this case, as he would then be able to let her go with his mind at ease.

    His words said in a joking manner however caused the expression on the woman’s face to look taken aback a moment, before she lowered her eyes and said in an indifferent tone: “That’s right. I do not know why as well. It feels like without you in my life, the days pass so arduously. Even though I clearly did not have you in the past, I was however able to live very well.”

    The man’s face constricted a moment, like he could not believe that he would ever live long enough to ever hear his woman confess her feelings to him like this.

    “When I first got to know you, I had clearly thought to myself, how could such a shameless and thick skinned man who is so completely bad to the core ever come to exist under these Heavens? But thereafter, it was as if I had been poisoned, unable to stop myself from loving this bad loathsome man, and no other person will do, my eyes….. unable to see anyone else.”

    She laughed a little sarcastically and then raised her eyes to look at the man straight in his eyes. “Tell me, since you’ve fallen in love with someone else, why would you still risk your own life to save me? If you do not love me anymore, why do I see such tenderness in your eyes and such a strong reluctance to leave me?”

    The man’s eyes flashed with a glint and it looked like he was just about to say something but the woman suddenly pressed her finger on his lips, her flawlessly beautiful face obstinate and determined. “I, Qing Lan Fei, have never been a person anyone would want to offend. All this time, I am always the one who rejects people and never has someone chosen to let go of me on their own initiative. And since you have now offended me, then it’s not up to you to decide when to end it.”

    “Though you said that you do not love me anymore, it’s alright. I will make you fall in love with me all over again as your words just now has made me very angry. Have I been not obvious all this time and that is why you were not able to sense how I feel?”

    In the very next instant after she said that, upon the man’s lips that were still heavy with the stench of blood, the woman suddenly leaned over to stop the man from saying anything, even viciously biting him hard, that left small delicate looking teeth marks on them.

    “Are you not able to feel how much I love you? Leaving me just like that….. Are you trying to kill me?”

    She immediately looked like an aggrieved child who had just suffered a huge injustice, crystalline tears welling up and falling down her cheeks. Seeing a beauty shed tears always made one feel like their hearts were being gouged out.

    The man’s heart quickly wrenched up in pain, his big hand gently wiping away her tears. His voice was extremely gentle as he said: “Fei Er my dear, don’t cry anymore alright? It’s all my fault and seeing you cry like this makes my heart hurt so much.”