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Chapter 178.4 - First Recollection of Memories

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “Then are you still going to leave me?” She said still sniffing in tears.

    The man’s body stiffened in shock, suddenly at a total loss for words, standing there frozen and unable to move.

    [Is it even possible to leave her? How can he not continue to love her?]


    Something came to mind inside his head and his face turned pale, his hand clutching at his heart over his chest.

    In there, there was something incredibly evil, that was maniacally eating at his heart and preventing him from even thinking any thoughts about love and tenderness.

    He fought hard to quell that agony, trying to calm his tone of voice as he said “Fei Er, listen to me. I will create an opening in this array in a moment and you must quickly get yourself out of here. Do you hear me?”

    The woman creased up her brows. “You mean, you want me to leave by myself?”

    “If no one remains inside to maintain this array, then neither one of us will be able to leave.”

    “I’m not leaving! Let me tell you now. No matter what kind of difficulty you are facing that you are unable to tell me about, I will not leave you here by yourself!”

    “Fei Er, do not be so stubborn!” The man’s voice was sounding a little frustrated.

    “I am not being stubborn. Do not just assume that everything you do is for my own good.” The expression on her face was calm. “If we are not able to walk out together from here today, then let us die together.”

    “Fei Er…..”

    “You said it yourself. In this world, besides death, nothing else can separate us.”

    The expression on the man’s face was stunned. If this was in the past, hearing these words from her would definitely make his heart flutter with joy. But at this moment, he only hoped that she would be able to live well.

    “Hahahahaha~ Such deep love! Even my heart is moved watching.” It was not known where the voice was from, the tender pleasing voice of a woman, that lifted one’s spirits.

    But upon reaching the man’s ears, the voice was no different from the devil’s. It was probably due to her arrival that the pain in his chest had grown more intense. He clenched his jaws and said through tightly gritted teeth. “You went back on your word!”

    The womanly voice laughed softly and then said: “Go back on my word? I gave her a chance to leave but she chose to remain. Who can you blame?”

    The voice was so familiar that even though she did not show herself, Qing Lan Fei was able to know who the person was just by the voice. It was as if her body was struck by some immense aggrievement and her body swayed and wavered in her spot. “You’re going to kill me?”

    “You should have died long ago. If Mo Jing Yu had not repeatedly shielded you, do you think that you will still be alive today?” The womanly voice said with a contemptuous sneer.

    “Give me one reason.” Qing Lan Fei said with her eyes lowered, her long fingernails digging hard into her flesh.

    She just did not dare to believe, and neither could she make herself believe, that the person who was once as close to her as a real sister, would now want to see her dead.