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Chapter 179.1 - Don’t Die! Do Not Abandon Me~

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     “Hah! Lan Fei, haven’t you always thought so highly of yourself, thinking you’re above everyone else? Haven’t you always hated how Jing Yu pestered you? Why have you forgotten the words you said when you were tangled up with him and he just would not leave no matter how hard you tried to drive him away? Hmm?”

    The woman’s mirthful voice somehow made a person’s heart turn cold. “I had clearly fallen in love with him first but why can’t he see that? Instead, he just had to choose to love a person who ignores him all the time. Tell me, are men all so cheap and a glutton for punishment?”

    When those words came out from her mouth, Mo Jing Yu good looking face became pale and the agonizing pain in his chest seemed to intensify with the appearance of the woman, his heart getting devoured more maniacally.

    She seemed to notice his agony and the woman then said with a laugh: “Lan Fei, don’t you know that I planted a love curse in his heart and from then on, he can only have me in his mind and can only love me. The moment he shows the slightest sign of being disloyal, the love curse would gnaw into his heart, till his heart fails and he dies.”

    “But does he fear death?”

    The woman’s voice was filled with a kind of sadness and self scorn. “Even if he were to die, he chose to die by your side, and if I had not threatened him with your life, how could he have possibly been willing to leave you! ?”

    “Qing Lan Fei, why are you better than me in every way? Even this man’s heart belongs to you fully! Didn’t you say that you’ll give way to me? You said that you do not care and will let me have whatever I want! You lied, and now you must die for that!”

    “You’ve gone absolutely mad!” Qing Lan Fei’s eyes grew fervoured as she looked at the man beside her. She bit her lip and said in a choked voice: “Jing Yu, I’m sorry. I dragged you into all this.”

    “Foolish dear, don’t cry.” Mo Jing Yu sighed. “It was my own choice and I did everything willingly.”

    It looked as if she was angered by that warm and tender sight when the woman’s voice turned sharp as she said: “Jing Yu, have you forgotten what you promised me? Do you believe that I will kill her right this instant! ?”

    Mo Jing Yu lowered his eyes and laughed softly, the mirth not reaching his eyes. His voice sounded dark, without the slightest warmth in it. “I was careless today to have fallen into your hands. You have better make sure that I do not have the chance to ever rise back up or I will pay you back a hundred times the humiliation I suffered today.”

    “If you want to kill Fei Er, you will have to do it stepping over my dead body here today.” His voice was chillingly cold.

    The man always seemed to be passionate and warm, but he could also be heartlessly unfeeling. To him, love for a woman was all based on his feelings and in this world, only Qing Lan Fei could fully win his heart and have him care and protect with everything he had, unable to endure seeing her suffer the slightest sliver of aggrievement.

    Hidden from sight, the voice seemed to have been stunned by his words, quiet and silent for a moment.

    “Jing Yu…..” Qing Lan Fei held his hand worriedly. “Do not bother with me anymore…..”

    “How can I not care about you?” Mo Jing Yu interrupted her, and grasped her hand in a strong grip, his eyes deep as he gazed at the woman’s beautiful countenance.