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Chapter 179.2 - Don’t Die! Do Not Abandon Me~

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 179.2: Don’t Die! Do Not Abandon Me~

    “Fei Er, all the way from the first time we met, I have never once thought of letting you go. But as luck took a turn for the worse today, I fear the great years ahead you should have enjoyed, your whole grand future, might get buried here today.”

    “I am not afraid.” Qing Lan Fei shook her head. “In order to be with you, I have no regrets even if I am to die here today.”

    “Fei Er, those words you said just now, I want to hear you say them one more time.” Mo Jing Yu disregarded the devouring pain that was like a thousand blades piercing into his heart, ignoring the heart rending agony, as he looked at the woman with a tender gaze to say.

    “Which words?” Qing Lan Fei asked in bewilderment.

    Mo Jing Yu laughed softly. “The words you said when you kissed me.”

    Qing Lan Fei did not hesitate in the slightest and opened her mouth to say softly: “I love you.”

    Mo Jing Yu laughed out loud, his fingers gently caressing her face. “I am very happy Fei Er. I’ve heard those words in my dreams before, and hearing you say them from your lips makes me feel like I am dreaming.”

    “If we manage to survive this today, I will say it to you everyday.” Qing Lan Fei said tenderly.


    The voice of the woman hidden in the shadows was not heard anymore. She had probably seen their resolve to live or die together.

    The enormous six pointed star pentagram array suddenly gave off an intense light, and the sky turned the colour of thick blood, a dark scarlet. A Dark Crow filled with the aura of death flew past overhead, letting out a pitiful wail, like it was mourning for the lives that were about to expire soon.

    “Fei Er, move away from there!” Mo Jing Yu suddenly grabbed her hand and pulled her behind him, as he executed a palm strike that scattered the bones of the skeleton rushing straight towards him in attack.

    From the skeletal mouth of the blood coloured skeleton in the middle of the array, thousands upon thousands of skeletal figures crawled out, cackling sinisterly as they fully surrounded the two people, giving out a bloody and evil aura. It stemmed from the tens of thousands of aggrieved souls they had devoured, that assaulted one’s mind, causing them to lose the will to fight.

    It felt as if there wasn’t the slightest sliver of hope left, just the devastating premonition of certain and impending doom.

    MO JIng Yu found that he had underestimated how maniacal the woman could become, and underestimated how powerful the array had turned out to be. He had never thought that such an array used the ancients that only existed in legends would actually come to appear here before his eyes today.

    His bright clear eyes seemed to glaze over for a second, unable to see anything but grisly and bloody slaughter. At that moment, he was just a machine that knew nothing but absolute massacre, his consciousness blinded.

    And seeing the flawlessly beautiful woman before him looking at him with a worried look on her face, his mind was conscious of the one and only order he received. [Kill!]

    Mo Jing Yu’s eyes turned the same blood red shade as the sky above, his face expressionless as he looked at Qing Lan Fei. A sword suddenly appeared in his hand, which then came to be pointed right at the woman.

    The expression on Qing Lan Fei’s face turned into shock. “Jing Yu…..”