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Chapter 179.3 - Don’t Die! Do Not Abandon Me~

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 179.3: Don’t Die! Do Not Abandon Me~

    The man’s voice was icy cold as he shouted: “Die!”

    “Jing Yu, is something wrong?” Qing Lan Fei did not avoid or dodge, but just stood there to ask him, her eyes not showing the slightest fear.

    Because she knew that this man would never ever hurt her.

    And like she thought, upon seeing her stand there resolute and unmoving right before his eyes, Mo Jing Yu’s face hesitated a moment, before a look of agony showed on it. He then struggled very hard to speak: “Fei Er, leave! Quick…..”

    Qing Lan Fei could not possibly heed those words and she lashed out with a strike to scatter the skeletons surging forward around them. The skeletons were all focused only on her, their attacks all directed towards her.

    Though as just a lone woman against the enemies, Qing Lan Fei’s cultivated powers was not to be underestimated. She was not as frail and soft as her appearance portrayed and she was considered to be a skilled expert in Cloud Heaven. But as she was greatly handicapped within this array of the ancients, she was disadvantaged and seen to be a little passive.

    It was probably because she was seen to still be able to hold her ground, when sneering laughter sounded in the distance. The hidden adversary parted her red lips and started to chant a spell.

    The very next moment, the blood skeleton in the middle flashed brightly with a red light, and two heavy metal chains that were as thick as a man’s arm with sharp hooks on their ends suddenly came flying straight towards Qing Lan Fei’s shoulders.

    A binding spell had been cast upon those chains and if they were to hook into a person’s shoulder blades, not only would the person immediately lose all their strength, their cultivation would be slowly destroyed over time, unable to regain back their powers till they die in torturous torment.

    How could Qing Lan Fei possibly not know what kind of an attack that was?

    The expression on her face immediately changed drastically, as she did everything she could to dodge the chains that were pursuing her like they had eyes on them.

    Mo Jing Yu was still suffering from the curse as his heart was being devoured, and on top of that, he was still caught under the powerful effects the array was inflicting on him, a barely repressible and intense urge to kill Fei Er rising threateningly in him. He was fighting to suppress that urge, as his eyes were staring fixedly into a particular direction.

    There was no one in the direction he was looking into, but because of the love curse cast upon him, he was able to sense that the woman was there.

    Mo Jing Yu’s eyes turned dark. “Qing Luo Yan. She is your younger sister. Do you really want to have her killed so badly?”

    “Younger sister? From the moment that she snatched you away, she was no longer my sister.” The woman laughed scornfully.

    “I was the one pestering her relentlessly and she had nothing to do with it. If you need to hate someone, then let it be me!”


    After the woman let out a long maniacally laugh, she then reverted back to look like her usual gentle harmless self. “Jing Yu, I asked you this before. I do not mind you being with Lan Fei as she and I are already sisters. And since we are both in love with the same man, can’t the three of us be happy altogether? Things will just be the same as before.”