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Chapter 179.4 - Don’t Die! Do Not Abandon Me~

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 179.4: Don’t Die! Do Not Abandon Me~

    “But what did you say to me at that time? You said you only have her in your heart and there’s no place for anyone else? Haha… In what way am I not able to compare to her? In terms of looks or temperament, I am better than her in every way, so why does it have to be her that you choose to fall in love with! ?”

    “You betrayed me, Lan Fei betrayed me. The two people I loved the most were the ones who hurt me the deepest. How can I possibly let the two of you off so easily! ?”

    Mo Jing Yu’s eyes narrowed as he subconsciously looked at the woman who was desperately trying to avoid the chains. A great number of skeletal hands suddenly lunged out from the ground to grab her ankles, holding her down trapped in place and unable to move.

    And the chains with their sharp hooks were flying very quickly through the air straight towards Qing Lan Fei’s shoulder blades. Her eyes flared wide open and her face turned pale.

    Just when her body went cold and her face was drained of colour, a warm blooded body suddenly embraced her tightly from behind.

    That warm body then twitched once violently, becoming incredibly tightly tensed up. Even though the sound was soft, she had heard that stifled grunt, and the sound of something sharp piercing into a person’s body, which was agonizing to hear.

    “Jing Yu…..”

    Qing Luo Yan then came out of hiding, her face with highly exquisite features covered in tears as she looked at him with disbelief in her eyes. “Why were you so foolish!”

    Qing Lan Fei had just recovered from stunned shock and she realized that the person hugging her from behind was Jing Yu.

    The arms embracing her so tightly then slowly loosened their hold on her, before a ‘thud’ was heard. It was the sound of his knee hitting the ground.

    Qing Lan Fei stiffly turned her head around to look, and she found her eyes suddenly turning misty.

    The man’s black robes were soaked through, as bright red liquid droplets dripped off the corners of his clothes onto the ground, staining soil a frightening red shade.

    He knelt there on the ground on one knee, his head drooping down, two thick chains deeply embedded into his shoulders. Among the grisly mess of blood and flesh, the ghastly white of bone could be seen.

    In that instant, her ears could not hear anything at all.

    She stood them in a daze as she stared at the man on the ground with his head drooped down, remaining so quiet it looked as if he was already dead.

    That was….. Mo Jing Yu…..

    The wilfully arrogant and incredibly powerful man who saw himself above all in this world. The man who remembered the words she said casually for a very long time, the man she really cared for with all her heart.

    The man who had tyrannically come barging into her life so forcefully…..

    The man whom she had come to love right into her bones.

    Her man, Qing Lan Fei’s man.

    The woman’s eyes were red around the rims, like she was about to cry, but she was trying her very best to hold it in. She came walking slowly right in front of him, and then crouched down close, to call out softly: “Jing Yu.”

    “Wil….. Will you look at me?”

    “Can you not remain silent? I will be good and listen to you. Please don’t ignore me.”

    Her voice trembled, on the very verge of tears, tinged with a submissiveness never heard before.