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Chapter 180.1 - Even If I Forget The Whole World, I Will Not Forget You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 180.1: Even If I Forget The Whole World, I Will Not Forget You

    No matter how hard she pleaded and begged, the man did not give her the slightest bit of response.

    Her slender body trembled slightly. It was after a long while before she slowly stretched her hand out to check for a breath under his nose, which felt chillingly cold, like he was frozen.

    Outside the pentagram array, Qing Luo Yan let out a heart rending scream. But unfortunately, once the array was activated, no one would be able to go inside. So she could only stand at a distance away to see the man kneel in there with his head drooped down, looking like he was dead. Her heart suddenly wrenched up painfully, suffocating her so hard she found that she could not breathe.

    She didn’t mean it, didn’t mean for this to happen.

    She should have known that Jing Yu would not stand back to watch Qing Lan Fei die and do nothing about it. She should have realized that the love curse she cast would have hollowed the man out to be nothing more than an empty shell. With such a frail and weakened body, it was impossible that he would be able to fend off the chains with the binding spell.

    Qing Lan Fei would have been able to survive that strike, but it could only mean death for Jing Yu’s frail body.

    What she had completely not expected was for the man to jump in to shield Qing Lan Fei so selflessly despite fully knowing that he was unable to defend himself against it, to throw himself straight into the path of certain agony and death.

    [Why? Why was he so foolish! ?]

    [She merely wanted him to love her a little, wanted him to gaze at her a little bit more. But he would rather die than pity her just a little bit? Did he really detest her all that much?]

    Inside the array, Qing Lan Fei remained frozen in that position for quite a long while, not moving a single inch. After a long moment, as if her acupoints had been released, Qing Lan Fei then slowly extended her arms out carefully, to wrap them around the man’s thin body. “Are you feeling cold? You won’t be cold like this. Jing Yu, I will be here with you. Do not be afraid.”

    “I will not leave you to be alone by yourself. I’ll come accompany you very soon alright?”

    Qing Lan Fei leaned her head on the man’s shoulder, the ends of her lips curved up in a beautiful and gentle smile. The hand hanging limply at his sides suddenly raised up, and Qing Lan Fei immediately froze in that instant.

    A large hand that felt rather cold covered the back of her hand gently, and his weakened voice sounded right by her ear. “Do not do anything foolish.”

    Qing Lan Fei’s voice quivered. “Jing Yu?”

    The man coughed weakly a couple of times, the sound soft and suppressed. It took him a long time to recover before he said: “Fei Er, have I told you that I love you very much?”

    At the very moment that he said those words, his entire body tensed up tightly, as he groaned out in agony. His hand clutched tightly at his chest, his actions driving the hooks on the chains to pierce in deeper, causing blood and torn flesh to splatter.

    The pain in Qing Lan Fei’s heart caused her to burst into tears, unable to hold herself back. “Don’t move! Just don’t move! Tell me where it hurts…..”

    But he was soon unable to say another word. Following the direction where the man’s finger pointed, she could clearly see that something was throbbing incessantly under the black robes he wore.

    Her face froze in horror, and she quickly pulled the man’s clothes open, her eyes immediately narrowing up sharply.