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Chapter 180.2 - Even If I Forget The Whole World, I Will Not Forget You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 180.2: Even If I Forget The Whole World, I Will Not Forget You

    She came to see beneath that thin chest, something black under his skin that was moving about, like it wanted to struggle free from the flesh and blood. And everytime that thing moved, the shade on Mo Jing Yu’s face would turn an uglier shade.

    She suddenly remembered what Qing Luo Yan had said earlier. Once the love curse had been planted, the victim must never come close to the person he loves, not to even think of that person or to mention the person. Whenever he did that, he would then suffer maniacal devouring from the love curse.

    Although she was greatly skilled in Medicine, but she had never encountered a love curse like this, so she did not dare to carelessly try to undo the curse. She fought back her tears as her voice came out softly tinged with desperation: “Jing Yu, what do I need to do to save you…..”

    “Fei Er, promise me that you will continue to live a good life…..” Mo Jing Yu said softly by her ear.

    Qing Lan Fei bit down on her lip. “If you die, I will not want to live by myself.”

    The man’s body stiffened and he gripped her shoulders tightly, his eyes looking deep into her: “Promise me.”

    “Jing Yu……”

    “Promise me!” He looked like he was almost screaming out in rage, his eyes blood red.

    He had always been such a doting and indulgent man towards her, with this being the first time he had spoken so loudly to her.

    Qing Lan Fei was taken aback, her eyes lowered but she did not say a word to him.

    “Fei Er, do you want me to die with aggrievement?” Probably sensing that she was protesting in silence, Mo Jing Yu suddenly laughed softly and said in an indifferent voice.

    “I will not be able to live much longer. The binding spell has sealed all the powers I possess in me and the love curse has already melded to become one with me. Only when I die, will it then die with me. Otherwise, it will live for as long as I live.” Mo Jing Yu gripped her hand, and pressed a dagger right into her palm. “This deed, is one that only you can do.”

    Qing Lan Fei subconsciously pulled her hand back, an ominous feeling suddenly rising up in her heart.

    “Only when you kill me with your hands, betrayed by the very person I love, will my heart lose all will, which would then completely destroy the love curse.”

    [Killed, by the hands of one’s most beloved.]

    Qing Lan Fei hit the dagger away, her voice hoarse as she screamed. “I don’t want to do that!”

    “The longer you prolong this, the more I will think of you, and I will suffer worse devourment. When that happens, I will definitely die a hideous death, to be left with nothing but bare bones, torn to shreds by wild beasts…..”

    “Don’t say it! Don’t say anything more…..” Qing Lan Fei clamped her hands over her ears, almost about to lose her mind, her flawlessly beautiful face filled with pain and despair. “Why must it be like that! Isn’t there any other way?”

    Maybe there really isn’t any other way. She could see in Mo Jing Yu’s chest, how violently tormenting the black voodoo slug was being. A small section of its body would even burrow out through flesh at times, and it cannot be imagined just how agonizing that must be for him.

    [No….. She does not want to do that. She will not be able to do that. She just cannot bear to do that!]

    Qing Lan Fei could not help but stagger a few steps backwards. Her body suddenly stiffened up, and it looked as if she had changed into a different person. Her face was no longer showing any signs of struggle as she bent down to pick up the dagger that had been tossed a distance away. Her eyes were emotionless as she then went walking towards the man, one step at a time.