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Chapter 180.3 - Even If I Forget The Whole World, I Will Not Forget You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 180.3: Even If I Forget The Whole World, I Will Not Forget You

    An easy smile hung from Mo Jing Yu’s lips as he looked at her with gentle indulgence.

    Until the sharp point of the dagger plunged into the man’s abdomen and bright red blood spilled out where a few warm drops splashed onto Qing Lan Fei’s face, she then came to wake up from what felt like a dream.

    [She had really killed him with her hands.]

    In those moments just now, her mind had been a complete blank, unconscious of anything. By the time she came back to her senses, she was holding the dagger in her hand, with the pointed end stuck in the abdomen of the man she loved, plunged in right to its hilt where it could well be imagined how deep the blade had penetrated.

    The black curse slug flowed out from his body together with the large amount of blood that had been spilled, lying there motionless, looking like he was dead.

    [Only when I die, will it be killed…..]

    [Is he…..]

    “Jing Yu.”

    “Jing Yu.”

    “Jing Yu, can you answer me?”

    “I am scared Jing Yu. Did I really kill you? All of this isn’t real is it?”

    “Jing Yu, you said you will stay with me throughout my life, and will never abandon me.”

    “You said that….. No one in this world loves me more than you.”

    “You said that you wanted a daughter as beautiful as me, and a son as handsome as you.”

    The woman’s bright red clothes splayed out across the ground around the two people, as a scarlet shade slowly spread out further, as blood seeped into the ground.

    She reached her arm out to hook around the man’s neck, embracing the almost ice cold body as she leaned in close to his ear. Her voice was almost inaudible, like the sweet whispers meant only for the ears of a lover. “I had initially wanted to give you a surprise.”

    “I am with child, and just like you wanted, it’s a pair of twins, and it’s been more than three months.”

    “Are you happy to hear that my husband?”

    The rim of her eyes suddenly turned red, and she was so choked up she was unable to say anything more.

    This was the first time that she called him her husband, but alas, he was no longer able to hear.

    “Have I ever told you before that I love you too? I love you so so much.” Qing Lan Fei said with a smile as she looked at the man’s face who had his eyes closed, as tears flowed down her face.

    A terrible sight, as they turned out to be tears of blood.

    All of a sudden, a brilliant golden light shone out from the woman’s body, covering over the entire blood coloured sky. Suddenly, the two people within the pentagram array could no longer be seen clearly, caught with that intense and blinding light.

    [What is that?]

    Qing Luo Yan’s eyes flared wide, watching the strange phenomenon happening before her eyes in shock.

    Very soon, the mystically surreal voice of a woman came out from within the array, sounding as if it was coming from an ancient place so very far away.