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Chapter 180.4 - Even If I Forget The Whole World, I Will Not Forget You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 180.4: Even If I Forget The Whole World, I Will Not Forget You

    “WIth my blood, mend this man’s early demise. With my soul, allow this man to live. With a century’s cultivation and my flesh offered up in sacrifice, let my child’s memories be sealed, growth halted, reincarnated into a new life, born into another world, happy and safe, a life without worry.”

    The very instant her voice fell, the woman spread her arms wide open, her beautiful neck lifted slightly. The blood coloured clothes billowed out like she was standing under strong winds, looking like a phoenix weeping out blood, who at the moment just before death claimed it, was showing off its most resplendent beauty.

    There was a secret forbidden technique known to exist among the ancient techniques that were taboo, where as long as one was sincere and determined enough, they could come to possess great power, and have the ability to defy the Heavens by changing one’s fate, where nothing was impossible for them. But people who executed that forbidden technique had to pay a great price. They would not come to a good end.

    [Has Qing Lan Fei….. lost her mind?]

    [Does she know what she is doing at all?]

    Qing Luo Yan shook her head in disbelief. [Was she wrong? The two of them were willing to do things for each other to such an unbelievably far extent. It seems like there are really some things that are more important than one’s own life.]

    [And that is love. The one thing that had gotten countless smitten men and women heartbroken and so overcome with grief since the beginning of time, that was much more venomous than the greatest poison there was.]

    The light faded away and the flawlessly beautiful woman fell to the ground like all her strength had been drained out of her in an instant, but she endured the agonizing pain wrecking at her body as she dragged herself forward, to lean into the man’s embrace, a thin trickle of blood spilling out from the corner of her mouth.

    “I’m sorry my love. How can I possibly leave you all alone in that cold desolate place?”

    “Jing Yu, forgive me for my selfishness. I would rather see you continue to live in pain than to see you die right before my eyes, as that will really just be too cruel to me.”

    “If I am still able to come back, can we then…… be together forever?”

    Many translucent shadows were flying out from her body. Those were her soul’s essence leaving from her body. This was the price she had to pay for using the forbidden technique, and very soon….. All her blood will bleed out of her, and all her cultivation will be lost, to turn into a good for nothing, slowing dying away.

    But, she was not regretting it at all.

    That was right where her memory stopped.

    Qing Lan Fei opened her eyes slowly, and looked at the man who lay there upon the ice bed with his eyes closed, who seemed like he was such a quiet gentleman as he slept, before she suddenly smiled.

    [Mo Jing Yu…..]

    [He is still alive. He had really resurrected.]

    Despite the fact that he was not showing any response at that moment, but he was….. still breathing. And that meant that the day would come when he would wake up again.

    There was no way of knowing just how severe his injuries had been, for him to have slept for an entire hundred years without waking.

    Qing Lan Fei leaned against his chest, to feel that almost imperceptible heartbeat, and she had never felt so at ease.

    [Finally….. seeing you again.]

    [Jing Yu, no matter how many years my mind had been clouded and confused, at the first moment that I saw you, I am suddenly able to recall everything.]

    That peaceful quiet did not last for long, when the tightly shut doors were suddenly crashed wide open, and the sounds of many footsteps came surging in.