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Chapter 181.1 - Fainted For No Reason

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 181.1: Fainted For No Reason

    Upon seeing the red clothed woman standing beside the ice bed, everyone’s eyes widened in shock.

    [Who is this woman? They have never seen her before!]

    [This is a place where access is restricted and she dares to come in here? Isn’t she afraid that she’ll be killed?]

    [In addition to that….. does she know who that man lying on that bed is? To think that she dares to lean so intimately on him, what audacity! ?]

    Hearing the commotion, Qing Lan Fei slowly lifted her head and looked towards the door. When her flawlessly beautiful countenance was revealed, everyone was mesmerized, falling in a daze, thinking that they had seen a fairy.

    It was said throughout the world that the Barbarians looked exceptionally ugly, walking beasts with human faces, but that was only because the Barbarians were highly reclusive, and the rumours just got out of hand being told and retold by people. Instead, no one in the Barbarian Tribe was in fact exceptionally ugly looking, the worst one among them considered to be of average looks.

    But there was no lack of people with outstanding looks, and one would know just by looking at the man lying there on the ice bed. That man was the most beautiful person in the Barbarian Tribe and though he was male, his looks were more attractive than any of their women, and that was how his reputation came about.

    Right before their eyes now, the woman’s looks were not inferior to that man’s in the slightest, dressed in a suit of flaming red, stunning like the proud sun and a cold arrogant air surrounding her. She looked like a goddess descended from the Nine Heavens, and all of them could not take their eyes off her.

    In contrast to the astoundment everyone was showing, the face of the middle aged man leading them had instead stiffened, seemingly recalling something in his mind before he opened his mouth to say incredulously: “Qing Lan Fei you witch! You are still alive?”

    Qing Lan Fei was taken aback a moment, feeling puzzled that the man was able to recognize her, though she found him a little familiar looking.

    But before she could recall, the middle aged man’s face turned dark as he said in a sharp tone. “It’s not enough that you caused him to be in this state, you dare to pursue him all the way here to our Barbarian Tribe? You refuse the take easy path in Heaven and choose to barge your way straight into Hell! Guards! Capture her and throw her into the Ice Dungeon!”

    Before anyone could ascertain the identity of the incredibly beautiful woman, they suddenly heard the Chieftain’s orders. They snapped out of their daze in surprise, and not daring to defy the Chieftain’s orders, they all went forward to catch her.

    They had merely gone a few steps closer and had not even struck a single blow when they found themselves being flung out by a bright chilly flare of light.

    Everyone was caught off guard and were thrown a far distance away, their bodies crashing heavily to the cold hard floor as they gasped and grimaced in pain. [What just happened?]

    Qing Lan Fei was equally surprised by that and her beautiful eyes flared slightly, wondering what had happened as well.

    She saw the middle aged man’s face turn an uglier shade and he had just leaned his body forward a little when he was assaulted by the same bright light. Fortunately he was able to dodge quickly or he would have ended up just like the others, flung out by the invisible force embarrassingly, where he would have then relinquished his position as the Chieftain from shame.