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Chapter 181.2 - Fainted For No Reason

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 181.2: Fainted For No Reason

    “Damn you Mo Jing Yu, you’re already lying there half dead and you still want to protect that witch? You deserve to lie there for a hundred years!” The middle aged man then flicked his sleeves angrily before he turned to leave.

    Everyone else exchanged glances, looking at each other for a moment before they followed the man out.

    Someone could be heard asking softly: “Chieftain, what do we do with that woman in there? Do we still need to lock her up in the Ice Dungeon?”

    The middle aged man’s infuriated voice was then heard in response: “Lock what up? Didn’t you see how all those useless good for nothings were unable to even get close at all? Are you going to lock yourself up?”

    Everyone did not know what to say. “…..”

    [Why did the Chieftain call them useless good for nothings? It looked like you were not able to get close to the woman yourself isn’t it? Are you….. also a useless….. good for nothing?]

    [You’re the man! You’re the Chieftain so anything you say will be right. Throwing such a tantrum here will only confuse everyone further you know?]

    In just a while, the place was suddenly completely clear of people.

    Qing Lan Fei turned herself back around, her eyes lowering down to look at the man lying on the ice bed, her slender hand holding onto his. But it wasn’t like what happened the first time she touched him earlier, unexpectedly, there was no resistance or retaliation from him this time.

    Besides feeling that the temperature of his hand was a little low, his hand felt rather soft to the touch.

    “Jing Yu, you are actually able to hear what I am saying can’t you?”

    “Let it be my turn this time to accompany you alright? I’ll wait till you wake up, so that you’ll be able to see me in the first instance. That will make you happy, wouldn’t it?”

    Her voice had just fallen and she did not know whether she was mistaken when she suddenly felt the hand held in her palm twitch slightly.


    The endless darkness in Qing Yu’s previous life had trained her to be an early riser. No matter how late she went to bed, she would always wake up just when the sun was rising, and would not be able to go back to sleep.

    Having her stay over in the Gathered Cloud Loft for two days, Lou Jun Yao had come to discover that the lass woke up very early. But for today, it was already mid morning and he still did not hear any sound coming out from her room.

    Qing Yu had picked a room further inside on the second floor which was a little more quiet. Lou Jun Yao’s room was on the third floor and he did not see any signs of Qing Yu’s presence when he came down. His eyebrow arched up as he asked: “The little fox went out?”

    “I did not see her. Could she have overslept?” Bai Zhi Yan said with a spring roll stuffed in his mouth, the words sounding rather muffled. He then raised his voice to call out: “Lian Ji, go to the lass’ room and see if she has woken up.”

    Hearing that, Lian Ji acknowledged and went up the stairs. But very soon, the sound of hurried footsteps could be heard above and Lian Ji’s voice sounded a little flustered as it rang out. “My Lord, something isn’t right with the young lady. There is no response no matter how I call out to her.”

    Lou Jun Yao immediately got up and went upstairs, while Bai Zhi Yan quickly swallowed the food in his mouth before he went following right behind.