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Chapter 181.4 - Fainted For No Reason

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Bai Zhi Yan stared with a slightly confused look at the strange looking youth before him. “You….. are not human?”

    Zang Mai said smilingly, his eyes curved up to resemble two crescents. “That’s right, I am my Mistress’ Weapon Spirit.”

    A weapon spirit….. Something that only the most mighty of people from a realm like Cloud Heaven were qualified to possess. A spirit consciousness that is born only when a spirit artifact advances in level till it reaches the peak of its power, gaining the ability to assume a human form, and to attain the boundless intelligence a human possesses.

    All in all, a weapon spirit is a creature of Heaven defying power, equivalent to a pugilist hiding a great and powerful move, where even when its Master was injured, it would be able to deal a fatal blow to the enemy at the most critical juncture, catching people completely off guard.

    The golden haired youth looked at the young lady lying on the bed who had fallen into a very deep sleep. He then sighed softly before turning his gaze to look at Lou Jun Yao, his tone serious as he said: “Only you can save my Mistress now.”

    “What has happened to her?” Lou Jun Yao immediately asked, seeing that the youth seemed to know something about the situation. “She was fine the past two days and did not show any strange signs. Why has she suddenly become like this overnight?”

    “It probably has something to do with Mistress’ birth heritage. Her body has always been bound and shackled by a power in her blood, the body used as a medium, to sustain another person’s life. Now that the other person’s condition is slowly improving, the backlash is being inflicted upon my Mistress’ body in full.”

    When he spoke of that, Zang Mai’s face could not help but turned dark. “It is said that a malevolent tiger would not eat its young, and it can often be seen just how much more venomous humans are compared to beasts. Do they not know that their child would not be able to live by doing that?”

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed. Those words had painted such a clear picture, how could he possibly not know what it meant…..

    [It was surely done by Aunt Lan’s hand, all to save the man who had already breathed his last. How big a price did she pay? Not only did she give up a hundred years of cultivation and her own flesh body, even her own child’s resurrection had been a tool used to revive that man.]

    It was then that he felt resentment towards this respected elder for the first time.

    Especially when he saw that beautiful and always highly lively little figure lying lifelessly before his eyes, who could possibly never wake up from her sleep to pass away quietly in her dreams, he just could not remain calm.

    [How could such a bright and exuberant young life like this, be allowed to disappear just like that?]

    The moment that thought came into his mind, Lou Jun Yao’s heart became depressed and sad, feeling highly uncomfortable. He had never felt this way before, where he lamented the feeling of loss, and losing control of the situation.

    “How can I save her?”

    “If I am not mistaken, my Mistress helped you to dispel a curse seal before, and dispelling a curse needs my Mistress’ blood. So now, only you have that purest blood of light throughout the world flowing in your body, which can be then introduced into my Mistress’ body. Only when this spell that is freezing my Mistress’ body is undone, will she then be able to come awake on her own.”