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Chapter 182.1 - You Ninny, Do You Want To Die?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 182.1: You Ninny, Do You Want To Die?

    Zang Mai’s voice had barely just faded and Lou Jun Yao had not even expressed his reply when Bai Zhi Yan had already opened his mouth to refuse. “That will not do. This fella here has a unique body constitution and he must never be wounded or bleed as once he is wounded, the bleeding will not stop. When that happens, not to mention having him infuse his blood into the little lass’ body, he might suffer grave injuries to his very core!”

    Hearing those words, Zang Mai narrowed his eyes. “So, you mean you do not care whether my Mistress will live or die here?”

    “Of course we will have to save her, but can’t we do it with another method?” Bai Zhi Yan asked, trying to negotiate.

    “Where are you going to find such a completely perfect solution from?” Zang Mai scoffed. He had come to develop a certain level of dislike towards them in their hearts as the two of them were seemingly unwilling to save her by giving all kinds of excuses. Only his Mistress would be so kind hearted for nothing. If she had known this in the beginning, she should have just let the man die.

    Lou Jun Yao looked at the young lady lying on the bed and it was a good while before he opened his mouth to say: “What do I need to do?”

    “Jun Yao…..”

    “I cannot stand back to watch something happen to her in front of me. It’s just a little bit of blood. It wouldn’t hurt me.” Lou Jun Yao calmly interrupted the man.

    Seeing that, Bai Zhi Yan could do nothing but back down, his grumbling protests swallowed down into his belly. [Every time they meet with an incident that concerns the lass, this fella would always lose his mind, saying that it would not hurt to help her. Just a bit of blood would not come to hurt a normal person much but on you it could take away half your life!]

    “I need to help my Mistress sit up first.” Zang Mai said as he came beside the bed. His hands had not even touched the blanket when his hand was pushed away by Lou Jun Yao.

    Gazing into the golden haired youth’s look of incomprehension, Lou Jun Yao’s face was normal as he said: “I’ll do it.”

    He then cradled his arm around the young lady’s shoulders, and gently lifted her up to lean back against the bed’s headboard. The young lady was dressed in just a thin white inner robe, and the wide collar had loosened while she slept, now slightly opened up, offering a glimpse of her exquisitely beautiful collarbone, and an exceptionally mesmerizing curve on her body.

    The man’s face did not change as he helped her adjust her collar, his eyes watching her face intently to look like an elder being concerned for his junior.

    Zang Mai was a little puzzled as he watched the scene before him, blinking his gold silvery eyes, unable to help himself but feel that something was wrong, but could not really put his finger on it.

    That went on until the man’s low and magnetic voice sounded. “What’s the next step?”

    Zang Mai then snapped back to his senses and went on to reply. “Cut a slit in my Mistress’ palm.”

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao lifted one of the young lady’s hands and dragged the tip of his finger gently over the smooth fair skin of her palm. The next moment, a long cut wound appeared, but in that wound, not a single drop of blood flowed.

    It could be seen that her body had froze up quite severely and every drop of blood and every blood vessel had lost their ability to function, becoming slow and sluggish.