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Chapter 182.2 - You Ninny, Do You Want To Die?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 182.2: You Ninny, Do You Want To Die?

    “Now cut your palm and press it against my Mistress’ palm and use spirit power to inject your blood into her body till the wound on her palm starts to bleed. Her body would then be able to balance and heal on its own.”

    Lou Jun Yao followed those instructions and did as he was told, drawing a finger over his palm where a thin line of blood immediately appeared, slowing seeping out from within.

    He immediately held the young lady’s wrist and pressed their palms together. The next second, it felt as if there was a suction force in her palm as all his blood started to surge into the wound on her palm ferociously. In just awhile Lou Jun Yao’s face had started to turn pale.

    Bai Zhi Yan was watching with trepidation at the side and he could not help but voice out to ask the youth beside him: “When will he then be able to stop? Will the lass finally come to suck up all his blood! ?”

    [This is more terrifying than meeting a vampire!]

    Qing Yu’s skin was fair and when the blood was being infused into her limbs and body, one could almost see the flow of the blood under the exposed smooth fair skin of her arm.

    Probably beside Zang Mai and the other mysterious fella who was hidden in Qing Yu’s body, no one else knew just how tyrannical and dominant the purest form of blood really was. And constantly transfusing blood without stopping like this, unless Qing Yu were to awaken quickly, Lou Jun Yao would definitely be sucked dry if that was allowed to continue on.

    Only someone with such a powerful level of cultivation would be able to withstand that and if this was any other person, they would probably already have breathed their last.

    Bai Zhi Yan was an Elixir Cultivator and he had naturally detected that something was not right. Seeing Lou Jun Yao’s face turned pale from excessive loss of blood, Bai Zhi Yan’s expression immediately darkened as he shifted himself to come beside the bed. Just as he was about to interrupt the process, he was suddenly thrown back by a blinding bright light.

    The beam of light was strong and dominant, highly powerful. But it only stopped him from moving forward and did not harm him. Bai Zhi Yan gritted his teeth together and cursed: :Damn it! If this continues on any longer, he will die! You must stop them this instant!”

    Those words, were of course directed at the golden haired youth who stood leaning with his back against the wall, his arms crossed before his chest.

    But the youth merely shrugged his shoulders indifferently and said: “There is nothing I can do as well. You saw that light yourself just now. You were not able to get close to them and neither can I.”

    Seeing Bai Zhi Yan’s face turn an ugly shade, Zang Mai then kindheartedly tried to comfort the man as he said: “You need not be too worried. My Mistress only needs just a tiny bit of blood and that will not cost him his life.”

    Bai Zhi Yan held down the urge to curse at the youth. [You call that a tiny bit of blood! ?]


    Groggy and in a blurry daze, Qing Yu then came to open her eyes and discovered that she was in her own dimensional space. Her entire body was immersed in the spirit spring but the water was all red and bloody.

    Her mind still rather muddled, she had suddenly woken up like this. [What is going on?]

    [Why is there so much blood?]

    “You’re finally awake my Mistress.” A furry red head had appeared out of nowhere to lean in close to her, happily rubbing itself against her cheek.

    Qing Yu snapped back to her senses at that moment and pushed the head away from her face. That was when she saw what manner of creature it was.