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Chapter 182.3 - You Ninny, Do You Want To Die?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 182.3: You Ninny, Do You Want To Die?

    Dressed all in red, a chubby little doll with a fiery red fur on his head….. [What in tarnation is this! ?]

    Seeing her not able to react for a long while, the little doll pursed his lips and pouted. “Mistress, I am the book spirit of the Heavenly Insights of Medicine!”

    “Heavenly Insights of Medicine?” Qing Yu stared, her eyes wide with surprise. “Book spirits exists! ?”

    “Of course! I have always been cultivating inside the book and if Mistress’ body had not suddenly started to freeze and was almost unable to wake up, I would not have come out from there so suddenly like this. I had actually been planning to give Mistress a great surprise!” The little doll went prattering on nonstop, his face looking rather displeased.

    A corner of Qing Yu’s mouth twitched. “That must have been really hard on you then.”

    After she said that, she then realized that she seemed to have overlooked a serious problem. She quickly went on to ask. “Why am I here? And, why is it with all this blood?”

    She was actually immersed in a “blood bath”. She was no perverted old freak with strange fetishes, and the state she was in could not be any stranger no matter how you looked at it!

    “Oh. This blood is from the violet eyed guy. Luckily, with a devilish twist of the mind, we came up with this great solution. Mistress will only need to soak yourself in this purest blood of light for four hours, and you will be completely healed, and it will even raise your cultivation!”

    Qing Yu was stunned. “How long has it been?”

    “Oh. Slightly more than two hours I guess….. Huh? Mistress, where are you going? You cannot leave this pool before you’re healed…..”

    But no matter how hard he called after his MIstress, Qing Yu continued moving further away without even turning her head once, till she went rushing out from the dimensional space.

    [Those two reckless fellas have really created one big mess! Using other people’s blood so extravagantly to immerse her in a blood bath! ? Don’t they know they might kill someone like that? Those two are really going to get it from her when she returns!]

    The young lady had her eyes closed as she laid still and quiet on the bed. The instant she opened her eyes, a golden red flash of light glinted brightly in them, mesmerizingly attractive, indescribably beautiful.

    Lou Jun Yao’s face was pale and his eyes were narrowed when he saw the young lady come awake. His violet eyes were filled with joy as he said: “You’re awake.”

    “You ninny!” Qing Yu admonished softly.

    Seeing that her palm that was pressed against his was still maniacally sucking out his blood, she immediately forcefully pulled their hands apart, and brushed her finger over the man’s deep wound on his palm, closing it up instantly.

    Only the wound had been closed but the blood he had lost could not be replenished. At almost the same moment that Qing Yu’s palm pulled away from his, the instant that the blood transfusion stopped, Lou Jun Yao’s body wavered in weakness and started to tilt forward.

    He had probably found it taxing right from the start but as Qing Yu still had not come awake, he had pushed himself to persevere, refusing to let himself fall, and now he was finally able to set his heart at ease, his entire body naturally feeling weak and depleted.

    With the unique constitution his body possessed, it was a miracle that he was able to maintain consciousness for so long.

    Qing Yu instinctively stretched her arm out to catch him by the waist, as the man fell right onto her. The excessive loss of blood had caused his body to turn cold, and she could not feel any temperature in his hands.