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Chapter 182.4 - You Ninny, Do You Want To Die?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     When have they ever seen this man in such a weakened state before? He was looking as frail as a delicate little girl! Qing Yu was feeling both angry and anxious at the same time as she could not help but berate gently: “Are you really that foolish? If I do not wake up, you might have your blood completely drained out from you! Do you want to die! ?”

    Lou Jun Yao leaned against her shoulder and laughed weakly, before he replied softly: “What can I do? I cannot let anything happen to you.”

    Qing Yu was taken aback for a moment. “Why?”

    “If you were to die, how dull would it become for me?” The man said with a laugh.

    Qing Yu snorted contemptuously and then brutishly stuffed something into the man’s mouth. It melted instantly in the mouth and it all happened before he could even react.

    “What is it?”


    “Heh, you’re repaying my kindness by killing me?” Lou Jun Yao said teasingly, and then drifted off into silence.

    He had fallen asleep.

    Qing Yu laid him down on the bed gently, and her gaze then turned sharply upon the golden haired youth who had suddenly appeared. “Little Burrow, would you like to explain the reason behind your actions? Don’t you know that he could have died?”

    “So what?” Zang Mai did not feel that he had done anything wrong. “To be able to save Mistress, that should be his honour. Moreover, only his blood is able to save Mistress, and if we delay it any much longer, Mistress will have fallen into very grave danger.”

    Qing Yu’s eyes turned chilly. “So, in order to save me, you can completely disregard other people’s lives? In addition to that, this person has been helping me locate my mother. He is my benefactor!”

    “Mistress, wake up already. She is not your mother.” Zang Mai was not anything like his usual obedient self, the expression on his face serious and stoic. “She is the kin of this body you are inhabiting, and not yours. Has Mistress forgotten that you are the Family Head of the Qing Family, the top sequestered family. You seem to have….. become more and more indecisive, a little wishy washy. Have you forgotten about Qing Tian Lin?”

    Seeing the young lady’s face turning to look rather depressed, Zang Mai paused a moment before he went on to say softly: “Mistress, a thing like betrayal, going through it once is more than enough. Since time began, people who have achieved great things were able to abandon lots more, not to mention a mere person’s life.”

    Qing Yu saw the undisguised brutal bloodlust in his eyes and her eyes turned dark.

    [He is afterall a dark artifact of devilry. Even though he has stayed with her for so many years, the evil that is his nature deep inside his bones cannot be forever concealed.]

    If not because the two of them were contracted to each other by blood, he might not even want to submit himself to her! Humans had always been in their eyes, an existence that was insignificant and lowly, small like mere insects.

    And she was still human after all, so she could not make herself be that heartless and cruel as him.

    The atmosphere there hung heavy and silent for a long while, before the young lady’s clear voice suddenly said: “You should just leave!”