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Chapter 183.1 - Illicit Designs Is Exactly What I Have Towards You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 183.1: Illicit Designs Is Exactly What I Have Towards You

    Zang Mai was taken aback for a moment and was not able to react. “What?”

    “Do you still remember why you decided to enter into a blood bond with me back then, to become my weapon spirit?” Qing Yu asked in an emotionless voice.

    Although not really understanding why she would bring up such a thing, Zang Mai still nodded his head as he replied: “I remember. I was being persecuted by people from my tribe and I was severely injured, unable to even maintain my original form. It was Mistress who saved my life back then.”

    Qing Yu back at that time was merely about two to three years old, a tiny little tot, who clearly did not know anything at all, but possessed a rather mature mind for her age. After she picked him up and brought him back, she carefully tended to his injuries and helped him regain his cultivation powers. And that recuperation had lasted three long years.

    Snakes are born as cold blooded creatures and it could have been because this young lady made him feel warmth and a sense of security that Zang Mai did not leave even after he recovered, but was willing to serve as her weapon spirit, and to enter into a bond by blood, to live or to die with, never to abandon or leave her.

    As a weapon spirit who had been by her side since she was very young, it cannot be said that Qing Yu’s relationship with him was not deep.

    But if she had awoken in time, even if Lou Jun Yao was not dead, his body would have been severely damaged, to become frail and susceptible to sickness. And she would have been the cause of that, so how could she not feel anything about what he did?

    Thinking about that, Qing Yu gave a sigh. “Little Burrow, I might have been too easy and lenient with you, but do you remember me telling you this once before? Do not touch the people around me.”

    The expression on Zang Mai’s face was shocked. “Mistress….. Are you blaming me here?”

    He really did not think that he had done anything wrong as everything that he did had been for his Mistress. And now she was questioning him because of an outsider?

    Qing Yu did not answer his question but was gazing at him calmly. “Why did you make him shed some much blood when it was something that could be solved with just a few drops of blood? Did you do that only to save me?”

    “His body is of a unique constitution and in addition to that, he drank my blood before, which made the power of his blood even stronger. So his blood will allow one to raise their cultivation and soar to reach the Heavens. I suppose that is exactly what you and that thing in the Heavenly Insights of Medicine were planning!”

    The young lady’s monotonous voice felt cold and limpid, like she was talking about an affair that had nothing to do with her at all.

    But those words caused the look on Zang Mai’s face to sink, his fists clenching up, like he could not believe what he was hearing.

    Qing Yu smiled. “Don’t you find it strange how I know about this? Because on both that thing in the Heavenly Insights of Medicine and on you, lingers the scent of his blood. You have probably forgotten that I am an Elixir Cultivator.”

    No matter how well they tried to hide it, they were not able to escape her sharp sense of smell.

    As her weapon spirit, Zang Mai was absolutely loyal to her, and she did not have to worry about him betraying her.

    But besides her, he could be unscrupulously cruel and savage to all other people, and the people around her would not be spared. And just for her sake, he could be capable of anything, even if that went against her wishes.