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Chapter 183.3 - Illicit Designs Is Exactly What I Have Towards You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 183.3: Illicit Designs Is Exactly What I Have Towards You

    The hair of the young lady beside him was in a disheveled state as she sat hiding behind her blanket, dressed only in a thin inner robe. He, on the other hand was similarly wearing his white inner robe and lying on the bed beside her.

    With the two of them huddled in such close proximity, Qing Yu had even given him a part of the blanket thinking that he was probably feeling cold, draping it over his abdomen. At that moment, if he were to move his body even slightly, he would inadvertently come in contact with some part of her body.

    In that instant, the two of them suddenly found themselves slightly stunned to be caught in such a situation.

    Qing Yu regained her senses first and she started trying to explain: “Do not misunderstand. Because your body is weak as you lost too much blood, and with the temperature being so cold in the winter, if you come to catch a cold sleeping under the chill, I will have to take the trouble to save you again.”

    Why does that explanation somehow make the awkwardness in that situation even more conspicuous?

    Especially when the young lady’s exquisitely beautiful face was seen to be tinged with a slight bashfulness.

    Lou Jun Yao could not help smiling, thinking the way she looked could not be any more adorable, and just needed to lean in a notch closer, to say in a low magnetic voice: “What have I misunderstood?”

    Qing Yu was dumbfounded for a moment as she saw the teasing look on the man’s face. Her eyes turned away uncomfortably as she then choked and stuttered: “Misunderstood….. that I have illicit designs towards you!”

    The man’s actions that had showed scant regard for his own safety had stirred up something deep in her heart this time, where he plunged in without thinking too much about it. But who knew that he would wake up so quickly, which put her in this situation she found herself hard pressed to explain.

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao’s violet eyes surged tumultuously, turning deep. He leaned in close to the young lady’s ear and his voice was almost seductive as he said: “I don’t mind it one bit. That you have illicit designs towards me.”

    Qing Yu’s face froze, and she stretched her hand out to push him away on his chest, trying to put some distance between them. Her other hand then went to feel the man’s forehead, and she proclaimed: “There’s no fever. What’s making you spout such nonsense!”

    Lou Jun Yao laughed aloud as he shook his head helplessly. “This lass here really knows how to kill the mood.”

    “Can’t be bothered with you any longer. Get out of my way. I want to get off.”

    Qing Yu was on the inside of the bed and with the man who had such long arms and legs lying across the entire length, he looked to be such an eyesore. But as she was not exactly modestly dressed at that moment, she didn’t think it was appropriate for her to stand up, so she stretched her leg out and kicked him.

    Lou Jun Yao howled exaggeratedly. “I am now a weak and frail patient. Can you be more gentle with me?”

    “…..” [What an actor! She had just barely touched him, and he was howling so pitifully.]

    The corner just above Qing Yu’s eyebrow twitched as she stared at the man who looked like he was refusing to get off from her bed. She then said to him in a calm and composed tone: “Can you excuse me please? I need to go deal with one of life’s most important matters.”