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Chapter 183.4 - Illicit Designs Is Exactly What I Have Towards You

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 183.4: Illicit Designs Is Exactly What I Have Towards You

    Lou Jun Yao was taken aback by surprise: “One of life’s most important matters?”

    “In simple layman terms, that would come to mean the lavatory.” Qing Yu said with a smile on her face.

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao laughed till he almost could not breathe and it was a long while before he calmed down. “You, are really a bizarre little minx.”

    Qing Yu did not know what to say to that. “…..”

    [Bizarre? Is he talking about her? ?]

    [She had been lying in that bed for almost the entire day. Isn’t it entirely normal for her to need to use the lavatory? What is so surprising about that?]

    Seeing him finally move his body, Qing Yu pouted and slowly shifted herself towards the foot of the bed. But sometimes coincidence strikes and a corner of her loose clothes just so happened to have been caught under Lou Jun Yao’s body.

    When she suddenly got up on the bed, she found herself being pulled right back down.

    Lou Jun Yao did not notice that he was sitting on her clothes and by the time he was able to react, the young lady was already crashing down onto him. He immediately stretched his arms out to catch the tiny falling figure.

    Both of them were caught completely off guard and Qing Yu’s eyes widened in shock.

    Their lips were so close to each other that it seemed the moment either one opened their mouth, they would touch. Qing Yu subconsciously held her breath as throughout her two lives, she had never been in such an intimate position with a man, so she was suddenly feeling rather flustered.

    After being stunned into a daze for a short moment, Lou Jun Yao’s face then broke into a rather mischievous smile as he said: “Are you trying to….. make good the illicit intentions you harbour onto me?”

    Qing Yu then retorted with indignant anger. “I was not! Who asked you to be sitting on my clothes! ? If there were really illicit intentions, it would be you who will be capable of those unclean thoughts!”

    The arc at the corners of Lou Jun Yao’s lips deepened, and his violet eyes narrowed, the starry sparkle within able to melt anyone’s heart. This man was always smiling, fake smiles, scornful smiles, smiling in indifference, and a highly dangerous evil smile that sent chills running up one’s spine.

    A smile filled with such immense joy that was on his face now, was rare to see.

    Probably only when he was with Qing Yu, would he be able to smile so earnestly and in such a relaxed manner.

    Looking at it from this angle, the man’s gaze was tender and intent, like he was gazing upon his beloved, his eyes seeing only her and was blind to everything else.

    The arms firmly circled around her waist showed no signs of wanting to loosen its grip and her fingers that were pushing against the man’s chest started to curl up, right about ready to put up a struggle.

    Right at that very moment, the door was suddenly pushed open, and Bai Zhi Yan’s loud boisterous voice could be heard. “How is it? Has Qing Yu woken up yet? Jun Yao….. what are the two of you doing…..”

    The voice trailed off on a long note, its pitch rising in shocked astonishment.

    It had not been easy for Qing Yu to break herself out from the crook of the man’s arm and being shocked all of a sudden like this, her hands pushing back against his chest went weak, and she fell right smack onto the man, her lips pressing against something firm and hard, before the man’s body went stiff as a board.