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Chapter 184.1 - The Hell Lord Awakens

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 184.1: The Hell Lord Awakens

    That thing below her lips then moved, its touch strange and intriguing.

    Qing Yu recovered from her stunned daze and saw that she had actually….. kissed the man right on his adam’s apple.

    Things have become so awkward.

    It would be strange whether Qing Yu got up or remained down there, suddenly feeling at a complete loss like she had never been before. That fella had just teased that she was hiding insidious illicit intentions towards him and she had now just made herself guilty of that crime.

    Bai Zhi Yan stood flabbergasted at the door for a long time, watching the two of them on the bed, the woman on top and the man below, locked in an intimate embrace. The young lady had even seemed to have kissed the man beneath her, her expression bashful and shy.

    He had merely just gone out for a short while and the two of them have already progressed to such a stage? !

    His face looking like nothing had happened, Lou Jun Yao sat himself up on the bed as he held Qing Yu by her shoulders, his gaze then turning slowly to look at the wide eyed man standing immobilized at the door. “What is it?”

    That was when Bai Zhi Yan then managed to recover his senses, his face looking highly complicated as he started to say: “The two of you…..”

    “There is absolutely nothing between us, and what you just saw is merely an illusion.” He had not even finished with his words when Qing Yu quickly interjected to say.

    Her body then moved to come off the bed, and stretching out a hand, her clothes at the side came flying towards her. In barely just a blink, she was already neatly and modestly dressed, well covered up.

    Her eyes then flashed with a glint as she looked towards the man still leaning back on the bed, trying to make herself forget all that happened just now as she then said: “Thank you for saving my life today. As you lost too much blood, have Bai Zhi Yan give you some blood nourishing elixirs to gather your Qi, and you should be fine after a few days of recuperation.”

    Lou Jun Yao grunted in acknowledgement and he suddenly arched up an eyebrow. “I seemed to have overheard you arguing with your weapon spirit?”

    Qing Yu was silent for a moment before she replied: “It’s nothing. He will come back on his own after sorting out his thoughts.”

    “Was it because of me?”

    Lou Jun Yao had not forgotten that while he was just gradually beginning to regain consciousness earlier, he had heard the golden haired youth ask her: “Because of this man, you are chasing me away?”

    “There is no need to concern yourself with this. It has nothing to do with you. “ Qing Yu had no intention of telling him about the matter. Little Burrow was afterall her own weapon spirit and one should never air their own dirty laundry outside. As for the fact that Lou Jun Yao had so innocently lost so much of his blood, she would just have to find ways to help him replenish it all back in future.

    It could be seen that she wasn’t too willing to speak any further about it, and Lou Jun Yao did not probe any further. But there was one thing that she needed to know about.

    “Do you know why you fainted so suddenly and your body came to freeze up?”

    Qing Yu was taken aback a moment. “Why?”

    Lou Jun Yao massaged the bridge of his nose as he began to say: “If my guess is correct, this is due to a seal that Aunt Lan implanted inside you back then, and what happened was the result of the backlash from its power.”