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Chapter 184.2 - The Hell Lord Awakens

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 184.2: The Hell Lord Awakens

    “Seal?” Qing Yu’s brows creased up. “What do you mean?”

    “This brings us to the topic about your father.” Lou Jun Yao paused, like he was not very willing to bring that up. “The tragedy that fell upon your mother was greatly because of him. He was severely injured back then and his cultivation was sealed, almost as good as dead. On his very last breaths, it was Aunt Lan who gave up her powers and the essence of her very own soul as the price to pull him back from the very brink of death.”

    “Then….. what is the other half of the story?”

    After hearing that, Qing Yu did not show much in the way of emotion but as this was the first time she was hearing about her father, she could not help but feel a little curious.

    “Another part of the reason was, as Aunt Lan was pregnant with child, and added to the fact that she was injured while also overcome with grief about the disaster that befell onto your father, she lost the will to live.” Lou Jun Yao said softly.

    Qing Yu lifted her head and nodded. “Then what does that have to do with my body freezing up all of a sudden?”

    “There are five main factions of power in Cloud Heaven and the kind of power one of the factions is highly mysterious, where nothing much is known about them by the other people of the world. They are from the Barbarian Tribe and their current sitting Chieftain is someone by the name of Yan Shu. It is not known to many people, but the Chieftain they had a few hundred years ago was a person who once rocked the entire Cloud Heaven, where no one did not know his name. The name Mo Jing Yu was etched deep in the hearts of all the maidens, determined to become his wife.”

    “It was said that this man had Cloud Heaven’s most handsome looking countenance and that fame was known far and wide, seducing the hearts of countless women who could not even eat thinking about him. Despite his wanton and unrestrained ways, he was the head of the three Lords of Hell in Cloud Heaven, able to command all that power throughout the entire Cloud Heaven. It could very well be imagined just how many people were eyeing him covetously.”

    “But instead, he preferred to live uninhibited and free, and no matter how alluring power and authourity was to him, it could not tie down that unfettered heart. The kind of power, position and gift in cultivation that others could only dream of was all within his reach but he did not care for any of that. That had naturally came to incur the displeasure of the other two and as time passed, they started to have intentions to have him killed.”

    “Mo Jing Yu was uniquely born with an icy crystalline heart, his body built different from others, hence his extraordinary gift, the speed he advances in cultivation more than ten times faster than normal, and was immortal, where no matter how severely injured he was, he was able to heal very quickly. Hence, that drew many people to plot and scheme, thinking that once they possess that unique icy heart, they would possess that same great power, which would change their destiny, the world at their feet.”

    “Unaware of all that, he came to discover one day that his cultivation was slowly beginning to regress, and his body had become exceptionally frail while his heart started to freeze day by day. Suddenly overnight, his crystalline heart of ice seemed to have lost its great power. If his heart freezes up completely, there was no doubt he would die. When Aunt Lan discovered that, she took that glaciation that was overtaking his heart and diverted half of it onto you, which then came to preserve Mo Jing Yu’s life.”