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Chapter 184.3 - The Dark Lord Awakens

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 184.3: The Dark Lord Awakens

    Hearing that explanation, Qing Yu had gotten a rough understanding of the whole situation. This body of hers was already afflicted by the power of the seal from birth and from the way things look now, it could be because the power of glaciation of her unknown father’s heart had been lifted, which came to trigger that one half of the seal’s power to activate.

    It seemed like this mother of hers she did not know really loved that unknown father of hers just too much, to have been so heartless towards her own flesh and blood because of the man she loved. She really did not know whether she should be moved by the kind of love they shared that was both inspiring and tragic, or to blame her mother’s heartlessness.

    Seeing the expression on Qing Yu’s face looking a little helpless and forced, Lou Jun Yao’s eyes turned sharp. “You must not blame Aunt Lan too much. She had actually done everything she could to bring the damage down to its lowest level, making the choice that gives the best of both worlds, but actually hurts herself the most.”

    Qing Yu then smiled and said. “I understand that.”

    Lou Jun Yao saw that she did not look that greatly affected by it and then said approvingly: “From the way things look, it seems like the glaciation seal in your father’s body has been lifted but just has not awoken. Once he comes awake, Cloud Heaven will definitely undergo some great changes. I might need to make a trip back and I might not be able to come back here for quite a long period of time.”

    As a person, not to mention that unforgiving and intolerant character of his, who sought vengeance for the smallest grievance, just his highly revered identity as the head of the Three Great Dark Lords was unsurprisingly enough to stir up heaven shaking upheaval throughout Cloud Heaven, when he fell victim to an ambush in such a manner, to suffer such a great fall.

    [But he just could not help having the feeling that this matter….. must have something to do with that old witch back there in the Bright Moon Temple.]

    Hearing his tone sound particularly stern and serious, Qing Yu could not help being a little worried. “Then you better be careful that you do not get yourself sucked into it. Try not to get yourself mixed up into any of it.”

    “What, you’re worried about me?” Lou Jun Yao asked with a devilish smile curling up the ends of his lips, his violet eyes sparkling as he looked at her.

    Qing Yu rolled her eyes at him and replied: “Don’t you know the condition of your own body well enough yourself? If you accidentally get wounded, you might very well lose this other half of your life you have left.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s smile deepened. “Since you’re worried about me, why not you come with me back to Cloud Heaven? You possess Mo Jing Yu’s self healing ability and is able to treat injuries for people. With you by my side, I will then not have to worry about anything.”

    “That’s just wishful thinking.” Qing Yu stiffened her lips and said. “I have no intention of going to Cloud Heaven at this moment. With the situation set to become so chaotic there, I might get myself accidentally killed by one of the powers there before I can even meet my parents whom I’ve never seen before.

    Lou Jun Yao could not help but laugh and then said feeling rather amused: “With the kind of identity you possess, you can walk around in Cloud Heaven sideways if you please as whoever that is so blind to even dare to seek your life will have Mo Jing Yu coming to exterminate his entire clan.”

    Qing Yu ignored that but suddenly looked thoughtful before she turned to gaze at him with a complicated look in her eyes. “Actually I’ve come to notice something for quite some time.