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Chapter 184.4 - The Dark Lord Awakens

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 184.4: The Dark Lord Awakens

    Towards this father of mine, you seem to….. hold some enmity against him?”

    “Why do you say that?”

    “You address my mother as Aunt Lan but call him by his name. And when I heard you mention him when you were talking earlier, the look on your face was one of contempt.”

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes flashed with a glint. [Does the lass have to be so sharp?]

    But even if he had really felt contempt, he could naturally not show it, so he immediately changed the topic. “I will leave Bai Zhi Yan and the people in the Gathered Cloud here and if there is anything you are unable to deal with yourself, just come look for Bai Zhi Yan or you can get the Lightning Blaze Unicorn to pass me a message as well. Just remember this, you must not get injured again.”

    Upon hearing that, Qing Yu did not ask about that question she posed earlier anymore but said in rejection: “That will not do. Bai Zhi Yan is an Elixir Cultivator and you said that Cloud Heaven will not exactly be that peaceful over the upcoming period. If you leave him here, what will you do if you get injured or fall ill? Moreover, you said you have many enemies, would you dare use another Elixir Cultivator out there?”

    “Most people will not be able to get close to me so easily and neither will they be able to hurt me. He is someone I trust and leaving him behind puts my mind at ease.” Lou Jun Yao said, insisting on leaving the man behind.

    Seeing that she could not get through to him, Qing Yu was a little perplexed. “Are you thinking that I will get abducted? Do I really look so useless to you?”

    “If you encounter that fake Feng Tian Hen when he comes back, what are you going to do?” Lou Jun Yao stroked her head reassuringly. “Be good and just listen to me. Didn’t you say that guy is special and your powers will be limited against him? If he harbours any licentious intentions or illicit designs against you, how is a little lass like you going to resist against him on your own?”

    [Illicit designs…..]

    Qing Yu subconsciously raised her head up to look at him. As expected, she saw the man looking at her with a mischievous smile on his face.

    [Damn it. Is this fella trying to hint to her that she was just taking liberties with her?]

    [She really has to keep her distance from this guy as she thought or she might just fall into his trap if she was not careful.

    “Just take him with you as I said. I am not as weak as you think I am. Look at that skinny frame on Bai Zhi Yan. In terms of medical skills, I am more skilled, and when it comes to fighting, my techniques are stronger. If you want to talk about powers in cultivation, I am definitely not at a lower level than him, so it is completely meaningless for you to leave him here.”

    She had probably felt pricked by those few words and Qing Yu went on to blurt out everything that was on her mind, giving no thought to the possibility that Bai Zhi Yan’s fragilĺe little heart might be hurt. Fortunately the man had already left that place earlier or he might really vomit out blood and die on the spot if he heard that.

    Seeing that she was so insistent, Lou Jun Yao did not want to force the issue and could do nothing but merely give a sigh. Being the young lady was even able to react, he suddenly pulled her into his arms.

    “Promise me that you will protect yourself well.”

    It was just a simple statement but it felt like it encompassed many thousands of words unspoken, his tone of voice tinged with concern.

    Without knowing why, Qing Yu did not resist the fella’s actions but merely replied with a soft voice, saying: “I promise.”