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Chapter 185.1 - The Correct Opening Sequence For Treating Acrophobia

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 185.1: The Correct Opening Sequence For Treating Acrophobia

    The five day holiday passed very quickly and all the disciples had all come back to the Faint Mist Sect.

    The most important event that the new year welcomed in would be the friendship meet between the Three Great Sects.

    It sounded nice on the surface but it was in reality a competition meet where the sects would fight each other in a test of strength. The Faint Mist Sect had sat on the top seat among the Three Great Sects too long and the other two sects had wanted to take their place for a very long time.

    Although their top inner disciple Feng Tian Hen was not around, but the third position Luo Lan Zhi and the fifth position Su Li Mo would be staying for the meet this time. With those two experts holding the fort, it would seem like there was no doubt who would be winning this year’s competition.

    The Three Great Sects would each select thirty of their most outstanding disciples to test their skills at the meet and the venue for this year’s competition was set at the Carefree Valley’s Fleeting Cloud Fortress. That was a building that sat a good hundred feet above the ground, and it was said that it reached the clouds, where one could clearly see what it looked like in Heaven, the view of swirling clouds all around indescribably breathtaking.

    Naturally, there was also a certain degree of danger. If one was not careful and were to fall from up there, they would definitely be smashed to pieces falling from such a height.

    “Fleeting Cloud Fortress? That sounds rather interesting.” When Mu Lai heard her teacher speak about it, she immediately rubbed her chin, her face filling up with interest.

    Suddenly, she arced her body towards Tan Lin Ruo. “Senior, will you be taking part?”

    Tan Lin Ruo’s face turned a rather ugly shade as he quickly shook his head. “I’ll pass, leave me out of this.”

    “Why? Your medical skills are so good, and your powers in cultivation aren’t too shabby as well. Don’t you want to go out there and show off your talents a little?” Mu Lai said teasingly.

    Tan Lin Ruo gave her a bitter laugh. “Can junior not make fun of me? If it was in the past, I will admit that no one in the Faint Mist Sect can outdo me in Medicine very readily. But now, maybe I can disregard it if it’s only you, just one freakish maverick in Medicine as a junior fellow disciple, but with one other unbelievable girl prodigy in the Deviant Department who possesses maximum level soul power in the sect, I am really greatly ashamed of myself.”

    Mu Lai raised an eyebrow. “Putting yourself down like this, it really doesn’t feel like Senior’s usual style at all!”

    Tan Lin Ruo’s face was looking a little constipated, like he was finding it hard to get the words out of his mouth. Only after a long while, did he then manage to squeeze out something: “Actually….. I am afraid of heights.”

    Mu Lai was taken aback. And it was only after a heartbeat that she burst out laughing, unable to believe what she just heard. “Senior, you’re a full grown man and you’re afraid of heights?”

    Tan Lin Ruo sighed, feeling rather helpless. “I fell from a high place when I went herb picking in the mountains when I was very young and I developed a phobia from that time onwards. You don’t even need to talk about the kind of height the Fleeting Cloud Fortress sits at which nauseates people just by looking down from there, I don’t even dare to stay in a room upstairs in the inns outside.”

    “That serious?” Mu Lai’s eyes widened in shock. “Have you never thought of overcoming your fear of heights?”

    “I wanted to, but nothing I did was of any use.” Tan Lin Ruo said forlornly.