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Chapter 185.3 - The Correct Opening Sequence For Treating Acrophobia

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 185.3: The Correct Opening Sequence For Treating Acrophobia

    “You have nothing to worry about. This rope of mine is not any ordinary rope. Don’t think that it’s just a thin rope, this is actually a magical artifact which is incredibly strong, one that cannot be cut even with a sword. Unless you are unlucky enough to encounter the sawtooth bugs. Before the teeth on those bugs, they can turn even the best blade on any weapon into scrap…..”

    Tan Lin Ruo’s voice rose up higher in pitch. “Are sawtooth bugs…… completely jade green in colour and round in shape, their mouths filled with sharp teeth?”

    “Eh? How do you know?” Mu Lai asked puzzledly, her head about to peer over the ledge as she asked.

    “I….. I think I can see them biting….. Ahhh~” Tan Lin Ruo’s terror filled voice suddenly stopped, and then turned into a high decibel screech.

    Mu Lai felt the rope tied to the tree turn slack, like it had snapped somewhere in the middle. Her gaze immediately constricted. “Oh no!”

    Immediately, the tall slender figure quickly jumped off, hurtling downwards to the bottom. She descended with great speed, one hand grabbed around the vines running down the cliff’s face and the other pulling out the snake whip hanging from her hip. The whip lashed out at lightning speed, curling around the waist of the man whose face had turned white as a sheet from fright, before she pulled him up.

    Tan Lin Ruo almost foamed at the mouth to fall into a dead faint and his body had just steadied itself a little when he found himself being pulled up, shocking him so badly that he wanted to scream again.

    The corner of Mu Lai’s temple twitched as she shouted with a grunt: “Shut up!”

    Under the piercing stare of that pair of bright but sharp looking eyes, Tan Lin Ruo subconsciously clamped up obediently.

    He then heard the woman’s cold but reassuring voice ring out once more: “Lower your head and look down.”

    Tan Lin Ruo did as he was told, and when he saw the fog filled bottomless pit below him, he immediately turned his eyes away.

    “I want you to look down into the bottom for a good half hour starting from now. If you do not comply, I will let go of my hand now and let you fall.” Mu Lai said with a threatening voice.


    “No negotiating!”

    Tan Lin Ruo was feeling highly aggrieved, but had no choice but to comply. [Why has he never noticed that this junior of his who always had a smile on her face was actually such a terrifying demoness? Such a brutal tyrant!]

    The seconds and minutes passed slowly in a trickle, and Tan Lin Ruo was feeling rather uncomfortable hanging from the whip around his waist. He innocuously shifted his body and Mu Lai probably noticed the movement. She then tossed him a vine beside her and said: “Hold onto this on your own.”

    Tan Lin Ruo went on to grab the vines subconsciously and he then felt the whip around his waist loosen. Mu Lai had retrieved her whip and hung it back on her hip.

    Holding on to the coarse vines for such a long period, his palm unconsciously started to sweat. Tan Lin Ruo turned to the lady beside him and said: “Junior, aren’t you afraid?”

    “What is that to be afraid of?” Mu Lai scoffed. “If you fear heights, you are going to die here today. Will you still be scared if you think of it this way? What if you come to fall off a cliff someday and you actually have a chance to save yourself, but your life was forfeited just because of acrophobia.”