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Chapter 185.4 - The Correct Opening Sequence For Treating Acrophobia

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 185.4: The Correct Opening Sequence For Treating Acrophobia

    Tan Lin Ruo fell silent as he lowered his eyes to look down at the bottom of the cliff. It seemed, like the fear in his heart was not so intense anymore.

    It was not known how long had passed before the lady’s voice sounded beside him. “Are you still so afraid of heights?”

    “I’m a little better now.” Tan Lin Ruo replied.

    “Then let’s go up.”

    Once her voice fell, Mu Lai hooked her arm around Tan Lin Ruo’s waist and with a light tap of the tip of her foot against the cliff’s face, they soared up towards the clifftop.

    Having been obsessed only with all things Medicine for more than twenty years, this was the first time that Tan Lin Ruo was so intimate with a woman. His handsome face immediately turned slightly scarlet, as he kept his head lowered, not daring to look at the lady.

    “Alright, we’ll continue tomorrow. That’s all for today and I’ll take my leave first.” Mu Lai did not notice his strange actions and she left after saying those words.


    The lady’s tall slender figure gradually grew smaller into the distance as she lifted a hand up to wave, but did not turn around.

    “She had only helped me because of the Elixir Cultivators Department reputation right?” Tan Lin Ruo muttered softly to himself as he stared at the gradually disappearing figure. WIthout knowing why, his heart was suddenly feeling a little disappointed.

    The Carefree Valley was nestled within a vast range of mountain peaks and their headquarters sat right at the bottom of a gorge below a sheer and precipitous rocky cliff face.

    Because of that, even though not everyone in the Carefree Valley had high and unfathomable cultivation, all of them possessed amazing skill in “Light Steps” that allowed them to soar and leap over great heights, easily scaling up and down the cliff face that instills fear into others just by looking down from the top, traversing the sheer surface like it was flat ground.

    The fact that the venue of the Friendship Meet was set at the Carefree Valley this time, actually posed a great challenge to the people from the other two sects.

    For no other reason than the fact that though the Carefree Valley was last in position among the Three Great Sects, they were definitely not weak in might. Moreover they were well known throughout the Constellation Lands for their skill in assassinations, a highly secretive organization.

    It was easy to imagine just how treacherously dangerous the Carefree Valley’s headquarters must be, and just traversing that insurmountable cliff face alone that was filled with all manner of traps and was covered with countless species of poisonous plants was already a nightmare.

    “That bunch of old fogeys have really wrung their brains dry to give the Faint Mist Sect and the Limitless Sect an initial show of intimidation. I guess everything on that cliff have all been primed and readied.” Feng Qi said with a laugh as he looked at the man sipping at his tea at the table.

    The man’s eyes narrowed slightly, as he took another light sip of the refreshing tea in his cup, but did not respond.

    Feng Qi was already used to the man’s personality and he went over to sit down on his own accord, pouring himself a cup of tea before gulping it down. “I am guessing that you are not interested in the Friendship Meet at all. You have always run away and gone into hiding quietly.”

    As he spoke, the sound of fluttering was heard just outside the window, and a snow white bird with just a golden splotch between its eyes flew in, landing itself on the table. A tiny bamboo canister was tied on one of its legs.

    Feng Qi’s eyes widened is astonishment. “What kind of a bird is this? I have never seen it before!”