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Chapter 186.1 - It’s Troublesome Being Good Looking

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 186.1: It’s Troublesome Being Good Looking

    The bird looked exceptionally intricate and beautiful. Its sharp beak and claws were red, the feathers on its head a fluffy plume, somewhat foolishly adorable.

    Seeing it, Feng Qi could not help but fell in love with it, and he reached his hand out wanting to stroke that tiny fluffy head, but it was coldly smacked away by the man seated on the opposite side of the table.

    He recoiled in surprise and asked: “What?”

    Xi Zhan Chen arched up an eyebrow and his voice was melodious and soothing as he said: “This species of bird looks completely harmless and adorable on the surface but its beak and claws contain highly lethal poison. One might still be savable if it does not draw blood but once bleeding occurs, the poison will spread to their entire body in an instant, and there is no way of resurrecting the person.”

    Hearing that, Feng Qi face turned pale and he backed away from the creature. [Heavens, he just had such a close brush with death.]

    “You do not need to be so worried. These birds are really very gentle and as long as you do not try to harm it or carelessly touch its head, it will not attack you.” Xi Zhan Chen told him with a slight smile hanging at the ends of his lips. He stroked the bird’s back with a finger and it bobbed its head contentedly, its wing brushing against the back of his hand.

    Watching that scene, Feng Qi then asked in bewilderment. “Why can’t we touch its head?”

    “Because it thinks that its head looks very foolish the way it is, and it will become more stupid if it allowed humans to touch it.”

    Feng Qi was speechless. “…..” [What a peculiar bird!]

    Xi Zhan Chen removed the bamboo canister from its leg and signalled that it could leave. The bird immediately understood and it flapped its wings slightly, as if it was bidding him goodbye, before it flew itself away.

    Xi Zhan Chen pulled out a tiny roll of silk from the bamboo canister and spread it open, to see that it was completely blank, absolutely nothing on it. He then dipped a long slender finger into his tea a couple of times, to wet the tiny piece of silk. On its clear blank surface, traces of words then started to appear.

    He scanned through its contents very quickly, before he then tossed the silk cloth into the incense burner on the table and it turned into ashes in a blink.

    “During the upcoming Friendship Meet, watch out for a girl with outstanding looks and is greatly skilled in Medicine.” Xi Zhan Chen said softly.

    Feng Qi raised an eyebrow quizzically. “What, you intend to poach people from the other two sects?”

    “Remember what I just told you. Inform me if you have any news.” Xi Zhan Chen tossed out those words, before he turned around and walked out from the bamboo house, to suddenly disappear right before Feng Qi’s eyes in just a blink.

    Fneg Qi shook his head and grumbled to himself: “Always being so mysterious.”