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Chapter 186.2 - It’s Troublesome Being Good Looking

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 186.2: It’s Troublesome Being Good Looking

    The doll faced girl rolled her eyes and said: “More good looking that you anyway.”

    The effeminate looking man then said contemptuously: “Love struck idiot.”

    Just as they were able to engage in a war of words, someone at the side suddenly said in a soft voice: “Stop quarrelling already. Senior Luo’s here already.”

    The moment his voice fell, they saw the handsome looking and gentle green robed Luo Lan Zhi walking in slowly, a faint smile at the edge of his lips.

    “Senior, are you going to remain here in the Faint Mist Sect this year and not travel around the lands? Have you come to discover that you just cannot bear to leave us and have decided to stay?” The doll faced girl said teasingly when she saw the man.

    Luo Lan Zhi was the most idly content person in the Faint Mist Sect who did not seek fame, never having taken part in any of friendly ranking competitions. He had never cared for such vain and empty positions, preferring to travel all across the lands to see different sights, seldom staying in one place for long.

    When he heard that, Luo Lan Zhi merely laughed and turned his gaze to look at the doll faced girl. “You seem to be very happy that I will be remaining here. Is it because you think Senior’s temper is too mild and will not be able to rein in all of you?”

    “How could I possibly dare think that? Senior cuts such an imposing figure, and I respect you so much!” The doll faced girl said with her hands pressed together respectfully, her face almost obsequious looking.

    Everyone’s faces cringed up in disgust. [This little minx is really a great hand at steering along with the wind.]

    Luo Lan Zhi did not bother himself with her but turned to everyone else in the room to say: “The Three Great Sects’ Friendship Meet will start in about two weeks’ time and every sect will each be sending thirty of their disciples to take part. As our Deviant Department has a very small number of members, we only have three spots allocated to us. Who wants to go?”

    “Tsk, another friendly competition. It’s all so meaningless.” Someone opened their mouth to say in a lazy tone of voice.

    Another person then chirped in right after: “That’s right. They always tell the contestants they must not go overboard as it’s all just to promote friendship among the Three Great Sects. Ptui! It’s all so nauseating! If it’s a fight, then one must go all out! In there, maiming and killing of opponents are prohibited, how are the contestants then supposed to show their skills?”

    Hearing all kinds of grumbling across the floor, Luo Lan Zhi raised an eyebrow. His gaze came to rest upon the young lady seated quietly in the left side of the room, who was seemingly contemplating something. He opened his mouth to ask: “Qing Yu, what do you think of it?”

    Hearing her name being called out, Qing Yu quickly snapped back to her senses. “About what?”

    “With the three spots the Deviant Department has been given, it has been decided that you are to take one, by the order of the Sect Leader. As for the other two spots, who do you think are suited to fill them?” Luo Lan Zhi asked with a smile.

    The moment those words were spoken, everyone’s eyes immediately turned to stare intensely at Qing Yu.

    Qing Yu was taken aback by all the intensity directed right at her. [Why are all of them suddenly staring at her like that?]

    Lou Jun Zhi seemed to sense her bewilderment and he kindly opened his mouth to explain: “Because the Friendship Meet competition requires its participants to stop once the winner is determined, and prohibits anyone from intentionally injuring their opponents. But this savage bunch of people here will not be able to control themselves, unable to hold their powers back, so they are unwilling to participate. Would you happen to have a solution for this situation?”