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Chapter 186.4 - It’s Troublesome Being Good Looking

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Qing Tian Lin would definitely employ that method and a great number of living souls would undoubtedly come to perish.

    In his previous life, in order to gain the position of the Family Head and two secret treasures, he had fallen into devilry by cultivating forbidden techniques, almost annihilating everyone in the clan. Blood had flowed like a river in that one night, where hundreds of innocent lives were taken just like that.

    Although he had still not harmed her in anyway despite having lost his mind, that was only because he needed the secret treasure hidden in her body.

    The only thing to do now was to find him as soon as possible, otherwise she also cannot be absolved of all responsibility from the bad karma that his heinous deeds would come to accumulate as she was the one who placed his puppetry technique locked under a seal.

    “My Lord, this is an invitation sent from the Siamese Seas. Their King has gained a son in old age and he is inviting people from the various factions of powers to celebrate this joyous occasion.”

    A man knelt there with one knee on the ground, his hands holding a greyish blue invitation card above his head, highly respectful and serville.

    Lou Jun Yao glanced lazily at the invitation card and his voice was indifferent as he said: “Reject them!”

    The black robed subordinate was taken aback. “What reason should I use to reject them? Although the Siamese Seas people are merely a tiny power faction from faraway seas, it is not advisable to undermine them carelessly as there is always the chance that we might come to cooperate with each other. The other power factions are all sending representatives out of courtesy, and if the Dark Lands respond differently from everyone else, will we end up being viewed with derision?”

    An eyebrow on Lou Jun Yao’s face arched up, his violet eyes bright with splendour. “The Dark Lands are the very representation of evil itself, shouldn’t it be a given that we display wilful arrogance by doing the very opposite of others?’

    His voice then paused a moment as he cast his glance out of the corner of his eye, seemingly disdainful as he then said: “Moreover….. the colour on the invitation card is really ugly, even the design of it is disgusting.”

    The black robed subordinate did not know what to say. “…..”

    [My Lord, can you be anymore reckless?]

    [Are you really rejecting the invitation just because you find the invitation card an eyesore? ?]

    [The colour and the design used on the invitation card are representative of the Siamese Seas you know! ?]

    [When did you start to pay so much attention to looks! ? Who was it that always said what’s inside a person is what truly matters? !]

    [How come you have changed so much after having gone gallivanting only for a period?]

    But although he was filled with all these grouses deep in his belly, he still went on to obediently do as he was told, sending a reply to reject the Siamese Seas’ invitation.

    Lou Jun Yao leaned back in his chair, as he closed his eyes for a moment, his fair slender fingers resting lightly on the arms of the chair, the eyeless snake heads tapping lightly. Very soon, the sound of footsteps could be heard once again.

    Accompanying those footsteps, was the voice of a young man that sounded faintly teasing. “You’ve just come back not long ago and the invitations are coming in one after another, you’re really so popular.”

    Lou Jun Yao lifted his eyes to look and he saw Xun Luo striding in with great wide steps, an invitation card held in his hand. The purple exterior was strangely familiar, and he felt one side of his forehead twitch at his temple, an ominous premonition filling up his heart.

    [Damn it….. It’s that old woman again.]