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Chapter 187.1 - Cover Up, I Am Serious

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Seeing Lou Jun Yao looking as if he was about to meet with a powerful enemy, Xun Luo could not help but smile to himself as he took a few steps forward to hand the invitation card over to his Lord and said: “The woman in the Bright Moon Temple has sent several invitations over before and I had to come up with a variety of excuses to dodge them all. I would think that the woman was clearly aware that you were not here in the Dark Lands during those times and seeing this invitation being delivered so timelily this time, I fear she knows that my Lord has returned.”

    Lou Jun Yao propped his chin up in a palm and flipped the invitation card open with his other hand to read it. The look on his face was not exactly that pretty looking.

    “If I may say something about this, my Lord has abstained from the affairs of the heart for so many years. Though the woman might be a little advanced in age, but she is however a rare beauty. Why, my Lord might as well just accept her so that she need not come try to tease and provoke you over and over again.” Xun Luo’s lips were split into a smile, his eyes bright with a mischievously evil glint.

    Although Lou Jun Yao was their superior, but he was a rather easy going person with them in private, never taking offence when they teased and joked around with their Lord. In normal circumstances, they did not have all that much rules to abide to between the Lord and his subordinates.

    Upon hearing his words, Lou Jun Yao glanced at Xun Luo and then said with a mirthless smile: “If fear that if I were to really accept her, I will surely be sucked dry into a walking lifeless corpse within two days. You seemed to have calculated your moves well. Are you scheming to assume my position and take over my power after that? Hmm?”

    A corner below Xun Luo’s mouth immediately twitched. [He was just making a joke. Why has he become so serious…..]

    [Moreover, all this nonsensical talk of plotting to take over the throne. Even if he really had ever thought about that, he wouldn’t have the gall to do it! Ptui ptui ptui! He had never once entertained such thoughts at all! He had always been unwaveringly loyal.]

    Lou Jun Yao harrumphed scoffingly and went on to ignore him. Suddenly remembering something, he then lifted his eyes and said to the man: “How did things in the White Fens Lands go? Has there been any news?”

    “Speaking about this, since the time you asked him to go to the White Fens Lands, it has already been close to a month’s time, but we have not heard any sound nor received any word at all. That is something really strange.”

    Xun Luo arched up an eyebrow and said: “Could he have encountered something troublesome there? But I wouldn’t think so. With the kind of cultivation Ling Shu has, few can match him even in Cloud Heaven. Unless he is really that unlucky to meet an opponent more highly skilled than him.”

    Lou Jun Yao curled up his lips, but did not comment.

    [Isn’t the person he wants to investigate into exactly one such troublesome guy?]


    — The Barbarian Tribe —

    Ever since the flawlessly beautiful red clothed woman sneaked into the restricted chamber, the look on their Chieftain, Yan Shu’s face had never looked cordial. Although he was usually a stern faced person, but they had never seen him fly into a rage so unpredictably, like everyone owed him money.