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Chapter 187.3 - Cover Up, I Am Serious

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 187.3: Cover Up, I Am Serious

    Yan Shu looked indifferently at the woman beside the ice bed and then said softly: “He has laid there for a hundred years. Not to mention whether he will miraculously wake up, but as his body had taken too heavy a toll back then, it is highly possible his meridians have been forever maimed. Now, besides that good looking face of his, there is nothing he has left that is worth for you to seek from him.”

    Qing Lan Fei looked at him with a faint smile. “What are you trying to say?”

    “All the time that you were with him, it had always been filled with so much danger. For hundreds of years, he who had never once been injured suffer more than enough of it because of you. What else do you want from him? Are you still going to keep him entangled with you and not let him off! ?” Yan Shu said in a stone cold tone.

    “Between me and him, entangled is word that would never ever be mentioned, but caught together in love, life’s happiness that is worth fighting for.” Qing Lan Fei was not angry, but continued on to say. “Although I do not know why you feel so much enmity towards me, but I will never leave him. I will keep watching him here, waiting till he regains consciousness. This is what I promised him.”

    Hearing her highly resolute words, Yan Shu became a little agitated. “You woman, you really think that I am unable to do anything to you? You…..”

    “Actually, sometimes I hate myself for being unable to take Jing Yu’s place, wishing that the person lying here is me instead.” Qing Lan Fei said with a bitter smile, and then suddenly covering her face with her hands, her voice becoming choked up. “His life is really so so precious, that even with the sacrifice of both me and our two children, he still has to suffer so much.”

    “What….. What do you mean?” Yan Shu asked, a little surprised.

    [What did she mean by sacrificing both her and their two children?]

    “I was already pregnant with child back then, and it was a pair of dragon phoenix twins.” Everytime Qing Yu spoke about this, she would be in incredible pain, and her heart would wrench up in sorrow. “When I executed a forbidden technique to save Jing Yu, the children I was carrying were affected, and they fell into a dimensional space through time where I lost any link I had with them. My core essence was gravely damaged and my spirit soul was detached from my body, never to join again.”


    Yan Shu immediately sent out his mental consciousness to probe the woman, and he came to discover that her spirit soul was deficient and incomplete, a whole lot weaker now than she was before. His heart immediately quaked from what he found out.

    [This woman….. had actually used her own flesh and blood children to pay the price? To what kind of an extent does a woman have to love a man before she would be willing to unhesitantly give up everything?]

    At that moment, he finally let go of all the prejudices he held against the woman. [Since she was willing to do that for Jing Yu’s sake, what else could he possibly say?]

    [If he continued to stop them from being together, he would be inhuman.]

    Yan Shu shook his head and sighed, but did not say anything as he went walking slowly out of the chamber.

    [Forget it. I am not going to interfere with those two people’s affairs anymore.]