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Chapter 188.1 - Drawn Into Some Big Trouble

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 188.1: Drawn Into Some Big Trouble

    The Deviant Department was known to everyone in the Faint Mist Sect, having heard that they only had slightly more than ten members. But every single one of them held extremely rare professions and it was because of that uniqueness that gave all their people a certain arrogant air, people who were hard to deal with, so no one dared to carelessly offend any one of their members.

    The people from the Deviant Department were very rarely seen moving around the rest of them so why had one suddenly come to their Soul Cultivators Department today. Moreover, the visitor did not seem like she came here with friendly intentions!

    A rather good looking young man walked forward with a smile on his face. “I wonder what drove our little junior to come visit the Soul Cultivators Department today. Did you come here to look for our First Senior?”

    As the Soul Cultivators Department’s greatest prodigy, and also sixth in rank among the inner disciples, although Ming Jing had a rather cold personality, he was extremely good looking. Hence many female disciples often came to the Soul Cultivators Department trying to get closer to him, or to just get a glimpse of the man.

    So, towards the sudden appearance of this beautiful young lady, everyone of them assumed that she was just another girl who admired Ming Jing.

    Qing Yu glanced disdainfully at the man smiling earnestly at her, her tone scathing: “Who are you calling junior?”

    Her words were not at all friendly, which caused the man’s smile to freeze on his face. But he did not get angry. Who asked the young lady to be from the Deviant Department, who must not be offended? Hence, he went on to ask politely: “That what could our young miss here want from our Soul Cultivators Department?”

    Qing Yu laughed scoffingly and swept the man blocking her way to the side with a swipe of her hand. It looked like it was just a gentle flick of her sleeve, but it caused the man to crash into a table at the side, coincidentally hitting himself on a sharp corner of the table. He immediately let out a painful howl, and his hip must be bruised black and blue.

    Having suffered such unreasonable treatment at her hands, the man could no longer be bothered to be polite, but went ahead to berate in a loud voice: “Slut! Are you seeking your own death! ?”

    “Whether I am seeking death, isn’t something you need to be curious about. But one thing you should know, is that you will be dying very soon.”

    The slender figure suddenly appeared right before the man in a flash, and a hand grabbed the collar of the man who was still cursing incessantly. It was clear to see that she was just a frail looking young lady, but with just one hand, she lifted the man off the ground, his feet dangling off the ground.

    Suspended in midair, the man did not stop struggling, the clothes strangling him around his neck tightly, making it hard for him to breathe as his good looking face turned into a shade like the colour of pig’s liver.

    The people who were all prepared to sit back and watch the show suddenly leapt to their feet, when it was obvious to see that the young lady had come here to find trouble. Moreover, she looked like a decorative vase on the surface, but the kind of power and temper she was exhibiting right before them was nothing like any kind of vase!

    “Miss, is there any kind of misunderstanding between us? Can you release him first? Let’s us discuss this calmly.” A pretty looking woman with a melodious voice came forward trying to smooth out the situation.