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Chapter 188.2 - Drawn Into Some Big Trouble

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 188.2: Drawn Into Some Big Trouble

    Qing Yu remembered this voice.

    It was the only female voice among those people who were talking about Qing Bei earlier.

    She had not thought that the Soul Cultivators Department were all just a bunch of vile and repulsive people, and she wondered how much they had already tried to hinder Little Bei before this in secret. She had initially thought that she just wanted Ming Jing and Ming Yi Yi to keep a lookout for him, but never had she expected that it would become a source of jealousy for these bunch of people.

    Qing Yu swept her gaze over the inside of the house, and did not see any familiar figures she was able to recognize. Remembering the things these people had just been talking about, she then creased up her brows as she asked: “Where is Qing Bei?”

    Everyone then came to realize that she had not come here because of Ming Jing, but to look for the youth that all of them had found an eyesore.

    The moment they all recalled what they had done before, the few of them immediately shushed up.

    Seeing no one answer her, Qing Yu tightened the grip of her hand slightly, as she stared coldly at the man who was unable to breathe. “Since none of them are going to tell me, then I have no choice but to take it out on you.”

    Seeing that the young lady’s hand was going to snap his neck off, the man was so frightened he started to tremble violently, struggling to cry out: “Don’t kill me….. Don’t kill me….. I’ll tell you! Late last night, we threw that kid in the forbidden grounds, the Poison Forest! But we only wanted to scare him a little, so that he will give out his spot to participate in the Friendship Meet. We….. We had never ever thought that we would be unable to find him after searching throughout the entire outer perimeter! The….. The poisonous bugs and ferocious beasts in there could very possibly have…..”

    He had not even managed to finish what he had to say before he found himself being violently thrown out, crashing hard into a whole row of tables and toppling them all, almost smashing the tables into the others standing at the back.

    When he crashed heavily onto the ground, the man immediately vomited out a large mouthful of blood, a wretched and pitiful sight.

    The young lady’s flawlessly beautiful countenance was at that moment looking frighteningly dark and grave. “All of you had better pray that he is unharmed. Otherwise, from today onwards, the Soul Cultivators Department would be struck off from the Faint Mist Sect’s register.”

    Upon saying that, Qing Yu turned around and disappeared very quickly.

    [She needs to find Little Bei as quickly as possible. That fella is most terrified of things like rodents and bugs like these since he was very young, because that old witch Mo Han Yan once locked him up together with many of such disgusting creatures for three whole days back when he was just a very young boy.]

    [Those things had crawled and squirmed over his entire body, gnawing upon his flesh and fed on his blood. Ever since that time, he was absolutely terrified of these hateful creatures, even frightened by the Little Snow who was such a handsome looking thousand year ice toad, only coming to be able to accept it after a very long time.]

    Waiting until after she had left, everyone then started to panic. “What should we do! ? If that kid Qing Bei really dies, she will definitely come back to exact revenge upon all of us!”

    “Why are you so afraid? No matter how strong the people from the Deviant Department are, do you think they have the right to obliterate the entire Soul Cultivators Department? Don’t forget that our First Senior Ming Jing is most protective of us. Whoever dares to come bully us, our First Senior will never let them off.”