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Chapter 188.3 - Drawn Into Some Big Trouble

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 188.3: Drawn Into Some Big Trouble

    “But….. we did her wrong first afterall. First Senior has said it before, that he would not allow any internal strife among ourselves, but we…..”

    “If you don’t tell and we all keep mum, who would know? That kid could very well have run out from here by himself because he wanted to seek some fun, and did not come back!”


    Because the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds was too dangerous, they had someone guarding the place twenty four hours a day, just to prevent the more curious disciples from sneaking inside, and losing their own lives for nothing.

    Those guys must have given it a lot of thought to be able to bring Qing Bei into the place. The change of guard at the forbidden grounds only took an incense stick’s time to complete and if they did not accurately grasp the timing, there was a high chance that they would come to be discovered.

    Qing Yu had only managed to get inside due to her incredibly sharp instincts but she was rather lucky to accidentally spring a trap. The cold arrow that was coated with lethal poison swept right towards her like torrential rain, and if she were to be struck, it was guaranteed that she would be turned into a hedgehog.

    Such a big commotion had naturally alerted the guards and when they saw the person who was trapped inside was actually just a very young lady with an exquisite countenance, they were all overcome with shock.

    “How could that little lass even dare to sneak her way in there? And she had even sprung a trap!”

    “Enough talking already. Think of a way quick to go save her. Go shut down the traps, and hurry!”

    “It’s already too late!”

    Just as all of them were filled with horror, they saw the young lady trapped in the middle suddenly close her eyes instead.

    Her slender body then nimbly avoided the entire bunch of merciless arrows, so much more skilled than anyone who had snuck into these forbidden grounds with their eyes wide open. Not a single arrow even touched her, not even her clothes. Her arms were crossed before her, which held the arrows suspended in mid air, and she then sent them all flying outwards with a strike, the merciless arrows stuck in the trees and grass all around.

    Without a single scratch on her.

    [Where had this little freak come from? She looks to be at her most prime age of sixteen at most, and she could actually possess such great skills!]

    After the initial shock passed, the few of them then slowly came out from hiding.

    Hearing the sound of footsteps, Qing Yu opened her eyes, to see three people standing before her. One had a head filled with silver hair, an old man with a highly wrinkled face, the second one man about thirty to forty years old, and the last one was a youth only in his teens, seemingly younger than Qing Yu herself.

    These three strange men, caused Qing Yu to be unable to help herself but narrow her eyes.

    “Young lass, which department are you from? Some great skills you’ve got!” The youngest youth among them had a rather likeable looking doll face, and he was looking at her with smiley eyes curved into two crescent arcs.

    A corner of Qing Yu’s mouth below her lips twitched. [This fella looks only to be about that same age as Xing Tong, and he was calling her a young lass?]