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Chapter 189.1 - Poor Nauseated and Retching Little Bei

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 189.1: Poor Nauseated and Retching Little Bei

    Su Li Mo had merely asked casually, thinking which one of those rascals in the Deviant Department had been feeling too idle recently and was coming out to make fun of the other departments.

    But the messenger then replied: “She injured one of our fellow disciples the moment she appeared and then even went on to barge her way into the forbidden grounds.”

    This time, even Wen Ren Qian could not help himself but ask: “Why does that female disciple look like?”

    “Very beautiful, looking like a seductive demoness, and she said that she came to look for our Soul Cultivators Department’s Qing Bei.”

    The moment those words came out of his mouth, though Wen Ren Qian had no knowledge, but Su Li Mo immediately reacted. He knew that kid Qing Bei, and the female who was often with him could only be Qing Yu.

    [He’s in trouble. The Chief had told him to take good care of Qing Yu. How could that lass do something so wild as to trespass into the forbidden grounds? He had been thinking who could have been so ignorant to utterly disregard the sect rules and commit such an audacious travesty, never expecting that it would turn out to be her!

    Su Li Mo’s good looking face turned grave. “Did any of you do something to Qing Bei?”

    The lass did not seem like someone who would go provoke others for nothing. After so long since she came here, anyone would be able to see that from the low profile she had tried to keep.

    Once those words came out from his mouth, the messenger first hemmed and hawed for a while, before he then came to realize the severity of the situation. Not daring to continue to hide the truth, he then said stutteringly: “Last night, we forcibly fed Qing Bei with Soft Bones Powder, and dumped him in the Poison Forest…..”

    Before the man could even finish his words, Su Li Mo could not help himself but to lash out with a kick, which sent the man flying over a far distance. He then roared in rage: “All of you are really capable aren’t you! ? And a damned inner disciple at that even! You have brought shame upon all the past generations of the Faint Mist Sect’s Sects Leaders! To think that you would use such low and despicable methods on a fellow disciple! ? If you’re that capable, why not go out there and use it on the other sects? Maybe then, the Faint MIst Sect would be the reigning power throughout the entire Constellation Lands already!”

    Being so thoroughly berated, the man did not dare to say a single word.

    But Su Li Mo was not appeased, pointing his finger at the pale faced man on the ground as he said: “The moment all of you dumped a completely defenceless person who was fed with Soft Bones Powder, that is no longer a damned prank, but an attempt to murder him! How could every single one of you be so mercilessly vicious? Do you know who you have offended? She is an all element prodigy that Feng Tian Hen was able to recruit after so much effort. If she becomes angry and is driven to go join the Limitless Sect or the Carefree Valley, you will become the scourge of the Faint Mist Sect!”

    Finally finished with his admonishment, Su Li Mo took a deep breath and turned around to say: “We’ll have to put the discussion about the Friendly Meet aside for now, as nothing can happen to Qing Yu. They must be found before the Friendly Meet starts the day after tomorrow.”