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Chapter 189.2 - Poor Nauseated and Retching Little Bei

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Wen Ren Qian was silent for a while before he slowly opened his mouth to say: “Just what kind of an identity does this young lady hold that it has gotten you so riled up?”

    [Since they are Feng Tian Hen’s men, they must have received instructions from Feng Tian Hen.]

    But he just could not comprehend why a fella as mysterious and unfathomable as Feng Tian Hen could possibly mix himself with that prodigious young lady who had suddenly popped out from nowhere.

    Towards Wen Ren Qian’s puzzlement, Luo Lan Zhi laughed softly and replied: “Actually I am just as curious as the Sect Leader is. What kind of an identity does the young lady really hold? Why is such great importance placed upon her? The Chief’s very words were, at no matter what cost, her safety is to be ensured, and if she was harmed in the slightest, we will have to answer directly to him.”

    Wen Ren Qian could not help but be taken aback.

    Su Li Mo and the others had already followed Feng Tian Hen for more than ten years, so the relationship between them and their Chief naturally went without saying. But the fact that higher importance was placed upon the young lady life’s over all the others, that was something rather shocking to know.


    After Qing Yu went into the forbidden grounds, her mind went completely blank for an instant.

    [Hmm….. Had she rushed in too hastily and forgotten something? This Poison Forest….. how did all of it even come about? She should have asked those three people about it just now.]

    Just as she was still feeling rueful, she felt a weight on her shoulders. She felt a furry touch on her cheek and then heard the coy puerile voice sounding beside her ear. “Mother~”

    The cry had its last note dragged out sweetly, highly titillating, almost melting one’s heart.

    Qing Yu turned to look at the little ball of coal upon her shoulders, its large deep blue eyes staring adorably at her. She could not help but smile and said in a gentle voice: “Meatball, why have you come out?”

    The tiny animal stretched its soft fleshy paw to touch her cheek, not replying to her question immediately. It was a moment later that it then said in a soft voice: “Since that disobedient little golden snake has run away from home, Mother must be feeling lonely. But Meatball will keep Mother company instead.”

    Hearing that, Qing Yu could not help but feel her heart soften, and she carried the little ball of coal up into her arms to stroke its tiny little head. “He is merely throwing a tantrum and has not straightened out his thoughts. He has not run away from home but will come back once he had thought things through. Meatball is really so sensible. Mother has not doted on you in vain.”

    The little beast’s eyes grew misty, filling up with joy and it looked slightly abashed. “Mm! Meatball is Mother’s most obedient baby~”

    When this little fella was being obedient, it was so heart meltingly adorable one could die from sweetness. Even Qing Yu could not resist being taken in by its cuteness as she carried it up to give it one long big kiss till the little animal became so shy that it hid itself inside one of her sleeves and refused to come out.

    Her depressed mood evaporated into thin air, Qing Yu then surveyed her surroundings. Bush and shrubbery grew so thickly all around that she could not see any paths. Moreover, she had completely lost her bearings when she came in, unable to ascertain which direction she should take.