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Chapter 189.4 - Poor Nauseated and Retching Little Bei

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 189.4: Poor Nauseated and Retching Little Bei

    “I don’t know if Mother knows that there is a secret technique, where after one studies it, would then be able to conceal their physical form and the presence of their aura. You will not be able to sense anything even if that person walks past right in front of you. But the technique has a weakness, and that is one must not get wounded and bleed, or the technique would lose its effects. Someone within this group of people must have been wounded and they were all exposed, which caused them to be surrounded and attacked by the demon beasts in here.” Meatball said in explanation.

    Qing Yu felt a corner of her eyelid start to twitch and she was feeling rather uneasy. She could not help herself but to raise a hand up to massaged her temple, before she said: “I do not care whether these people are alive or dead. I just want to know where Little Bei is, and whether he is still safe and alive.”

    Meatball blinked its large eyes and looked at her feeling a little confused. “Mother, what I am telling you is about Uncle. Uncle is fine, but he is currently with the people who are being pursued by the demon beasts, and they are not in a great situation.”

    [That feeling of unease was true. Little Bei must have been innocently dragged into it.]

    “Ascertain the direction he is in and bring me to him quickly!” Qing Yu immediately urged the little beast.

    It was wondered whether it was because the Three Great Sects’ Friendship Meet was just about to start that this bunch of people came to intrude into the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds, and if so, what their intentions were. But one thing was certain, and that was the forbidden grounds were definitely hiding some kind of a secret.

    Hearing that, Meatball nodded and replied: “Right away Mother.”

    Right on the other end of the forbidden grounds, Qing Bei was being carried like a gunny sack, slung over the body of a man who was burly as an ox.

    The man was at that moment scurrying in a sprint, which tossed and churned everything in his stomach all over the place. But as it had been a whole day since he last ate anything, there was nothing for him to vomit no matter how nauseated he felt.

    His handsome face was frighteningly pale, his voice weak as he cried: “Erm Big Brother, can you just put me down. I swear that I will not run away, as it is really torturous for me when I am carried by you…..”

    “Shut up. Shoot off your mouth and I’ll toss you to the demon beasts to be dessert!” The burly man’s footsteps did not stop, but just threw him an unfriendly reply.

    Qing Bei shut his mouth up and kept silent. [Since the man can’t be reasoned with, he might as well save his breath.]

    He swept a measuring gaze over the ten over men around him who were moving together in a group, and he started contemplating. [Who….. could these people be?]

    To be able to sneak into the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds without being detected, and when the scene where he saw them battle the demon beasts, had been really shocking to witness.

    As many as hundreds of those demon beasts had lunged maniacally at them in attack, and these men numbered only about thirty at most. Even after such an intense battle to the death, their people had managed to annihilate all the demon beasts. They still had more than ten of them left now, without the slightest scratch on them, which shows how freakishly powerful they really were.

    And Qing Bei could not help but become curious, what kind of an objective could a bunch of powerful non humans possibly have in coming here.

    “Are you….. looking for something?”