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Chapter 190.1 - Seeing the King of Assassins Again

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 190.1: Seeing the King of Assassins Again

    Who would have thought that his words had just come out of his mouth when his body jolted violently. The man negotiated his way over a concealed trap which had very nearly sent him flying.

    The man’s deep and severe voice was then heard after that. “Do not ask about what shouldn’t be asked. Shut up if you want to live.”

    Qing Bei clamped his mouth shut. “…..”

    [What a foul temper he has. Looks like there isn’t anyway to communicate with him.]

    [If it wasn’t because the Soft Bones Powder in his body had not been completely purged, he wouldn’t be willing to suffer like this, the nausea hitting him so badly that he felt as if his entire body was going to fall apart.]

    [But, those fellas had really dared to hatch such an insidious plot against him this time. When he gets out from here, he will definitely thrash them up so hard they will be crying for their mothers. Do they really think he is so easily bullied?]

    Just as Qing Bei was thinking how he was going to exact revenge when he gets out, the man carrying him suddenly stopped in his tracks, and the others travelling with him had all stopped as well. He immediately raised his head up in puzzlement. [What happened?]

    That one look caused his eyes to widen as he stared.

    Although he had never come into the Faint Mist Sect’s forbidden grounds before, but because of his unique ability, he wasn’t too panicked when he was ambushed and dumped in this place as the highly treacherous terrain and the hidden dangers were already something he had already foreseen.

    Right before them, should be a wide swath of land covered with well concealed bogs. If one did not have preemptive knowledge of the terrain and their location, even highly leveled powerful cultivators might unsuspectingly fall victim to them.

    The area the bogs covered was vast, and there was nothing in the surroundings one could use to cross over. Even a single feather falling on top would sink, its surface unable to support any weight at all.

    And a poisonous vapour hung above the bogs, colourless and odourless. When breathed into a person’s body, the person would die from the poison in just a cup of tea’s time, so crossing over was as difficult as ascending into Heaven.

    Within the forbidden grounds, only one thing was able to safely cross over these bogs, and that was the Sting Butterfly of Deceased Souls.

    Just like its name, it was a creature that was a symbol of death, appearing only in places where lives were fading or where death hung heavily. These deadly bogs which could very well be called a land of death, with the countless corpses and the stench of death buried deep below, making it a most suitable nest for the Sting Butterfly of Deceased Souls to survive and proliferate.

    The Sting Butterfly of Deceased Souls was jet black throughout, except for a plume of dark scarlet pattern on its wings.

    And at that moment, over the seemingly endless bogland that stretched as far as the eye could see, were corpses of the Sting Butterflies of Deceased Souls that completely covered the land, where tens of thousands would not even come close to describing the number they saw.